Apr 2, 2016


I was good.  I really really was.

But I just couldn't resist adding just a few things to my little shopping basket at DD.

As you may have noticed, I'm on some wierd matchy matchy kick whereby I match what I'm stitching to both my mood and the season.

Oh, and apparently my nail polish color.

In January, we tried the icy blue.  No comment from the peanut gallery as to the relative success of THAT particular idea.

February was all about the OPI red and that big velvet bow on Miss Laura's Valentine Wereath.

March was....green.  (OK, maybe not my very best idea, but green nonetheless.)

And now, for April....purple.  I spotted this beautiy as a finished model and decided that it was exactly what the doctor ordered for our April/purple project.  

This is DebBee's Designs Royal Garden and I am going to stick with the colors pretty much on the chart.  The Watercolours is a gorgeous one called Dark Iris, and it just happens to match the purple nail polosh I've been sporting called Shades On from Essie:

When I picked it up I didn't really think about the match, but as I started to play with the threads I looked down and realized what I had done.  

Wonder what the heck is up with this?

So once I finish Tidbits it will be Royal Garden and all things purple.

What's new with you?


  1. Oh I LOVE a good color theme and you have got it going on... that Royal Garden piece is stunning... can't wait to see it stitched up.

  2. Beautiful colors!I can't wait to follow your progress. I am still waiting to receive the spring panel in the mail.

  3. Love all things purple. Looking forward to seeing this one.

  4. Wonderful choice! Purple is the color I always associate with spring.

  5. Love purple, too! Your nails and your new stitchy piece are fobulous!

  6. Wow! You are on a roll this year! Love the purple. Did you finish the wreath? I'd love to see how it looks.

  7. Wow! You are on a roll this year! Love the purple. Did you finish the wreath? I'd love to see how it looks.

  8. I am loving how you are picking your projects by color! And this is gorgeous, can't wait for you to start it :)

  9. What gorgeous shades of floss and polish! I love both, as much as the January blue.

  10. There's nothing like a great manicure. I'm also wearing a Essie purple. Looks really close to the same color. It must be the season. Not to mention purple is a favorite color of mine. Enjoy reading your blog.

  11. Georgeous. Both nails and the chart.