Mar 7, 2016


I made a fair amount of progress on Long Spring Panel last night.  

I did not, however, watch the Downton finale.  I decided to save it for tonight and hope to give it my full attention.

Spring is springing today in Hoosierville, so Stewey has plopped himself in front of the patio window to start working on his tan and I'm heading to the tub to begin the annual ritual of saying goodbye to winter legs.  It's going to take a vat of Veet and a small army of landscapers, but I'm up for the challenge!

Hope your week is off to a roaring start!


  1. You are in for a treat when you watch DA tonight.

  2. Beautiful stitching, Connie! I hope Stuey enjoys the sun. Ugh, yes! The annual ritual of taking off the winter growth. Good luck!

  3. Pretty stitching. Enjoy your spring like weather.

  4. Gorgeous!! I just love the colors! Haha winter legs :)

  5. Ooooo, it's looking so pretty!! Hope your legs look similarly springy without much fuss! =)

  6. I just did my spring shave and donated to Locks of my legs feel so smooth!!

    Your stitching is looking beautiful and Stewey will look good with his tan...glad he's getting an early start!!