Jan 19, 2016


Miss Charlene picked me up at 6:15 for Guild this evening.

At 6:45 I drank a Venti skinny nonfat peppermint mocha latte.

It didn't have whipped cream, but I suspect that there might have been five or six extra shots of expresso in there, because I find myself ready to solve the world's problems at 1:45 am.


As in the morning.

But the happ happ happiest news of all is that I have completed the big red bow on my Valentine Wreath!

Here are the first few steps.  I used a Sharpie to draw the bow on the canvas by carefully counting and following the chart. (Those are the purple and orange marks that you see in this picture:

Next, I stitched long vertical stitches with perle cotton randomly, being careful to stay one thread inside the outline. These long stitches will act as padding for the bow and will give it a little dimension:

When the padding stitches were complete, I stitched the dark parts of the bow with the called for Very Velvet V213:

And then finally added all of the rest of the bow in long horizontal stitches with Very Velvet V282, also as per the chart:

Overall, I am totally pleased with the result.  This was my first time marking canvas with markers, padding stitches with perle cotton, and then stitching with Very Velvet.  

Good thing I had all that caffeine to fuel my efforts.  Maybe I'm on to something...


  1. LOL 'am'. YEA espresso! The bow is gorgeous!!! :D Cathryn

  2. Beautiful! It has been years since I have followed a chart, I should get out one of my unfinished projects. And although I have never did any projects as intense as you do, I do remember doing the padded stitches in one project and how awesome it makes the finished stitches. Cannot wait to see this finished project. Following.

  3. The bow is perfect I loved how you showed the progression. I had to share some of your past posts with my husband because they alway crack me up and he just chuckles and said you should write a book as you have a way with words. I agree but being a stitcher I would understand if the new writing career might hinder your stitching and we must prioritize, but please keep the blog post coming I try never to miss the latest installment. Thanks for keeping us in stitches.

  4. Gorgeous. Another winner. I am in awe of
    your stitching.

  5. Starbucks was your idea!!! But, at least your bow is done and looks great! Go take a nap.

  6. Awesome! Beautiful work and a very interesting idea
    and tip for my future needlework projects! Many thanks for sharing!

  7. Your trame method makes the bow look so lush.... impeccable prep and stitching...
    You must be exhausted, getting carried away
    until the wee hours creating, creating. Well worth the effort...beautiful.

  8. It is gorgeous!! And I find I have all my best ideas at 2 am. ;)

  9. Another "WOW" from me! Beautiful job!
    Wish I knew what kept me up all night... I only drink decaf everything!

  10. Oh wow, that adds so much depth to it.