Jan 26, 2016


Good morning!

Well, judging from your comments, it would seem that my blue nail polish was a hit.  I confess that I feel rather silly trying to be cool and hip while doing nothing but sitting in my Happy Chair wearing pajamas, but it's nice to know that if I ever do leave the house again I won't have to hide my fingertips.

(And yes, in case you were wondering...my toes are also blue because I am a bit nuts about the whole matchy matchy thing and can't stand to have disparity anywhere.)

(This is also the reason why, for many years, I always made sure that my underclothes matched.)

(Now, I'm just happy if I can manage to harness the girls adequately for public review, and that my ample backside is appropriately covered in yards and yards of sensible Fruit if the Loom white cotton  expandable fabric thankyouverymuch.)

Today we are experiencing a lazy but cozy Tuesday.  Stewey is sacked out in front of the fireplace and I am a bit troubled with some Crohn's/tummy issues.  Nothing to fret about...this happens from time to time when I Iet the world get the better of me.  All it means is that I need to drink plenty of fluids, destress my tiny little brain, and forget about anything that doesn't make me run through a meadow belting out a happy tune.  So that means heavy doses of good TeeVee, some Gatorade, more stitching, a little bit of coloring, and some very definite stitchy blog stalking today.  Nothing too earth shattering...just all of the stuff that makes my pitiful little heart sing.

Speaking of...here's the progress on Valentine Wreath and the latest page from my coloring book:

Here's hoping that your Tuesday is off to a good start.  Do something wonderful and tell us all about it! WooHoo!


  1. I am looking for Owl Boxes as a natural way to control rodents since I can't have a Stewy to help us root out hill damaging squirrels and rats. Oh that's right I'm a property Manager and I find this new manner of pest control fascinating!!! I'd rather be home doing my red work squares for the wedding quilt I am making for a July delivery. But one has to do (As you know) what one has to do. Love hearing about your day Coni! Thank you
    Ruth in Oxnard CA

  2. Your Valentine heart piece is looking fabulous, Coni. I think everyone should experience a lazy and cozy day often.

  3. Both of your pieces are gorgeous! I envy your cozy Tuesday.

  4. Both of your pieces are gorgeous! I envy your cozy Tuesday.

  5. They are both beautiful! And your coloring matches your nails!! Haha harness the girls!!!

  6. Your wreath is just so festive and pretty. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. The wreath is beautiful. I am impressed with your meticulous stitches. Hope your activities reduce your stressful feelings and you can relax with Stewey.

  8. A creative day indoors...sounds just about right for the depths of winter. :)