Dec 6, 2015


Do you remember the Burger King commercial from about 25 years ago in which a guy has all of these happy things happen to him as he's walking along the street on his way to get a Whopper?  I think he finds his lost wallet, wins the lottery, and then his long lost dog falls into his arms, and when he gets inside the restaurant the voice-over says something about Fred and how happy he is to get things his way?

Well, that's been me this entire weekend.  I've just had one happy thing after another just fall right into my lap.

On Friday, the team that I've been "playing with" on a project these last few weeks decided that we are really doing quite well, and that our previous schedule could be altered a little bit to give us a small pause and catch our breath, rather than race to a pre-Christmas finish.  I was really getting nervous about being able to deliver on time, but now I can pump the brakes a little and get my wits about me.

On Saturday morning I was futzing around in the guest room, and I came across a pile of stuff that I vaguely remember setting aside a few months ago as "really important" and that needed to be sorted and organized.  Needless to say, this pile has been out of sight/out of mind for so long that I was half tempted to just chuck it all into the recycling bin and be done with it, but lo and behold, there was a savings bond in there from 1993.  I don't really know anything about savings bonds, so I figured that I would just ask the teller at the bank if it was worth anything when I stopped for cash on my way to lunch.   Not only was it worth had gained a nice little chunk of interest too!

I then had the most lovely luncheon with my EGA ladies.  I belong to the Elkhart and South Bend chapters of EGA and the Hoosier Heartland chapter of ANG,  and have just recently become active again thanks to Miss Charlene.  This was the South Bend group's holiday party.  It was so nice to spend time with these ladies, and thanks to the suggestion on Miss Myrtis, I ordered one of the best salads I've had in quite a had apples and bleu cheese and pecans and grilled chicken and the perfect balsamic dressing.  I got a great Secret Santa gift from Miss Beth and loved making new friends.  Throw Jeffrey Dean Morgan in there as a waiter, a fireplace with Stewey curled up in front of it, and take off the crazy high heeled boots I was wearing, and I never would have left the place!

Stewey and I had a perfect late afternoon snoozy nap with our faces in the sun, and then I watched movies and stitched until 2am!  This is Laura J. Perin's Victorian Ribbons with two substitutions: I'm stitching mine on red canvas, and I swapped out her called for Watercolours to Holiday.  Otherwise, I'm following the chart as is.
Oh, and the movies?  They just happened to be You've Got Mail and Moonstruck.  Somewhere, the teevee programming gods were in my head, I tell ya!

Today has been a quiet and happy day.  I managed to order my "book" for next year and I think I even got it with some stickers and free shipping!  I had so much fun playing with my Erin Condren day planner this year that I decided to give it a go for another year.  Yes, I look like a six year old with my stickers and coloring books and markers and whatnot, but if putting a pink laundry basket sticker on the calendar helps motivate me to wash my underclothes...who cares, right?  Besides, I'm not exactly running IBM over here, so no need to impress anybody in this particular boardroom.

(My CEO, Master You Know Who would probably applaud the use of stickers in my day planner as long as his every whim is met and his little smoking jackets remain in good supply. )

So that's the report, kids.  I'll leave you with a completely craptastic photo of sone winter/Christmas that I hung on the Big White Wall of Nothingness.

Here's hoping that your weekend was blissful, too!
Woo Hoo!


  1. You always put a smile of my face. I am
    so glad you are a blogger

  2. It sounded like a fabulous weekend all the way around. Go Coni! I like the pieces featured in the last picture. Do you by chance know the information on the reindeer?

    1. Hi, Robin! Off the top of my head, I think it is an Amanda Lawford painted canvas.

  3. Sounds like an absolutely lovely weekend.

  4. Wow, you have been busy. Sounds like you had a great time. Love your festive wall.

  5. What a GREAT day! You deserve it, Coni! So great to hear. :) Cathryn

  6. Glad to hear you had a Fred Day! We all could use one now and then! Woohoo!

  7. Your new start is beautiful and that sounded like a perfect weekend. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  8. I had a great, restful, stitchy weekend too! So glad your rainclouds stayed away!

  9. Everyone deserves a day like that once in awhile. Glad it happened to you. When I saw your picture of Christmas things it reminded me I had stitched that reindeer, need to get it out and do the finishing on it. I like how you did yours, that may just be my inspiration. (for next year)
    Love reading your blog and always love hearing about Master Stewey. My little guy is Shadow and I know how much joy they bring to our lives.