Dec 3, 2015


It's all your fault.

Yes, you read that right.  I am officially blaming each and every one of you for making it positively impossible for me to function like a normal human person in polite society.

With the exception of our dear friend Betty (who has been alarmingly quiet lately), you have petted and coddled and encouraged and loved and cooed gently and basically made me feel like the Queen High Exalted of the Whole Damn Universe every minute of every day.

You're kind to me, and you offer wisdom and tips and generosity to me in the form of messages and emails and letters and presents and prayers and sweet and considerate thoughts and companionship.

You know that old saying..."I'm in my own little world, but it's OK because they know me here" ?  Well, I live that motto.  In freaking spades.

I've had the opportunity to play in a different sandbox these last few weeks (doing a little helping as a volunteer for an organization).  The work has been exhilarating and quite a mental challenge for my tiny little brain, but so far I've managed not to make too much of a mess of it.  The problem, though, is that I am reaching for the duct tape every afternoon to prevent any more stupid crap from coming out of my face.  Today, after a conference call, I had to go into the bathroom and say to the portly spinster staring back at me: "Will you just get a grip already and stop thinking of these people as your  stitchy peeps?  These people don't "get" you, and since none of them are stitchers, they probably don't have the highly-developed tolerance for your nonsense and propensity for making up words that don't exist, but that you think are hi-lar-ee-us.  Stop acting like an idiot hermit spinster who hasn't had the good sense to leave her Happy Chair for nine years and act like you know what it means to be normal!"

This, of course, would have been even more effective had I not been delivering this speech in my eighteen year old sweatpants and purple fuzzy socks that are too slippery, but keep my feet warm.

(It was a conference call, kids, and I was participating from home.  Let's not get too nuts.) whole point in all of this is that this thing of ours really is a safe place.  I tried watching the news tonight and found myself hollering at Lester Holt as if he could hear me, and I made the mistake of looking at the Facebook, and all I got was a lot of vitriol.  But the very moment I click on that little Blogger button, I know that the troubles of the world will wash away and that I can put the duct tape least for another day.

Thank you for that, my dear friends.   There aren't a lot of safe places left to fall these days, so believe me when I tell you how much I appreciate this one.

Finally, a note from Stewey:



  1. YES, to every thought you shared here.

    Mary in MN

  2. I agree, also. It is my personal opinion that All The Best People (stitchers in particular) are brave enough and intelligent to walk the path that is,the right path for them. You go girl!

  3. I agree, also. It is my personal opinion that All The Best People (stitchers in particular) are brave enough and intelligent to walk the path that is,the right path for them. You go girl!

  4. I stopped working two years ago and I can't tell you how happy I am in living in my own world. People can be so mean out there in real life.

  5. Lady, you've got it all wrong. You are spoiling us rotten with so many updates, some actually about stitching though none of 'em needs to be, that you are actually nurturing a planet full of addicts. Talented, intelligent and funny addicts who find themselves totally normal, thankyouverymuch, until they meet the not-so-silent majority who bizarrely believe that they are the normal ones - and then, to escape the metaphorical bucket of icecubes down the plunging neckline, they join you in or near the Happy Stitchy Chair and kick off their shoes. Honestly now, who wouldn't?

    You've been spoiling us rotten for the last while, with so many Kodaky moments that it's hard to keep up. Don't feel you have to, we will understand if the floods abate, but man, it's good while it lasts!

    And now, off to my personal chair to get further on with a picture of two women sculling to victory in an age-group National Final. It's a birthday present for the oarswoman I don't know, as requested by the one I do. Ooh, the pressure ... ! I wish my little dog would make me some hot chocolate, even though it's 35 outside. That would be Centigrade.

    All the best from South Africa, where we'd love to share some snow. Pretty, please?

    1. I agree with Deborah and appreciate her way with words. She is
      right on the money!!

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  6. We all are just in the "third dimension" and enjoy being here! :) And, I give thanks everyday for the super smart people out there that made this technology available so that I was able to discover that I am able to connect with other "unique" individuals....otherwise I would still be in my own little world thinking (Knowing) that I am truly crazy...instead now I know there are other "special" people just like me scattered far and wide! So happy to keep in touch with you!

  7. A dog of few words, Stewey and I so agree. "Ditto"!!! Cathryn

  8. Coni, you are more normal than you think and if our stitchy world is crazy, so be it. "To thine own self be true".

  9. Wait a minute! Are you telling me you're NOT Queen of the Whole Damn Universe? Not on my watch.

  10. To quote Master Stewey, "DITTO" to what all the lovely commenters have said :)

  11. I agree whole heartedly! You've seen the header on my blog, it's my Happy Place.

  12. May I say, Miss Coni, that in my world you are the sun, the moon and the damn stars! You are the first blog I head to and there are days that your life sounds beyond perfect to me...I love this happy blog world that we all call stitchyblogville...and you, my dear are indeed Queen of this whole damn universe...and Stewey too. <3
    I must admit that I do have craft room envy ;)

  13. I am sure I enjoy you way more than you enjoy my piddly little comments. :)

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