Dec 9, 2015


This is absolutely positively NOT Santa Claus.  This is a handsome man with white hair and a beard wearing skinny jeans in the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto.

THIS, my friends, is Santa Claus thankyouverymuch and if I was at all hip #quitscrewingaroundwithcrapthatpreventsmefrombangingmyheadonthepavement:

I'm sorry, but Santa Claus is sacrosanct to this here spinster.  He is the only man on the planet that has a remote possibility of fulfilling my every need.

Except, maybe for this one:

You slap a Santa hat on HIM and we just might have a situation. 

 I'm just saying.


  1. hahaha! I love your hashtag usage :) And "Fashion Santa", that's a new one. Sometime us Canadians have some odd ideas :) Did you hear Jeffery Dean Morgan is going to be on The Walking Dead?

  2. Oh dear...I needed a giggle to start my day...thank you for being here..there well you know what I mean!

  3. JDM on the Good Wife.....yummy....

  4. He owns more jewelry than I do. Bet he spends more on his hair, as well.

  5. If Santa brings you JDM for Christmas, I'm coming over for New Years! And, I totally agree with your comments on Fashion Santa. Nothing but bad

  6. Lovin' JDM on the Good Wife! ...and if he's going to be on the Walking Dead (like Khristine mentioned above), I've got another program to set up on my DVR! Merry Christmas to ME!!!

  7. JDM, oh my !!!! The Santa hat/situation remark, hysterical..... Agree with you about the Santas...
    Thanks for the laughs...

  8. The hip/fashion Santa is not at all my idea of the traditional guy. Give me a big belly and a rosied nose Santa every time.