Dec 13, 2015


Boy, I am really being spoiled rotten with these lovely weekends!

Friday night was movie night for us.  Stewey's pick was a wonderful film called "Philomena".  I enjoyed it immensely, and was gutted when I learned that it was based on a real story, and was then TOTALLY gutted when I found out that the subject of the movie, Michael Hess, was a Notre Dame grad. 

Do you thonk it's a little nuts the way I think of anybody who went to Notre Dame as family?  I'm starting to wonder if maybe I need to re-think that policy, because I'm pretty sure that complete strangers would be a little put off by a portly, yet lovable spinster in Hoosierville calling them family and wondering why we can't just all get together and have dinner and fix the world.

Saturday was the Christmas luncheon for Elkhart EGA, and once agIn, I spent a few hours with my stitchy sisters.  We went to an Irish pub style restaurant in Elkhart that was right on the river.  Gorgeous!  And I had a Cobb salad that was so good it made me want to go back for one today.

But I didn't.  That would have meant putting clothes and shoes on, and I'm quite comfy in my jammies, thankyouverymuch.

Last night we watched the Reese Witherspoon movie "Wild" and then the Frank Sinatra Birthday Concert  I think I enjoyed the concert more than the movie, but Stewey was completely riveted by the idea of hiking the Pacific Coast Trail as a means of mourning one's mo-ther.  I told him not to get his hopes up, because I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, and besides, I don't think he'd do too well in the wilderness with nothing but a silk smoking jacket and a hoity toity attitude for company.

Here's the progress on Laura J. Perin's "Victorian Ribbons" with a Christmas colorway:

The red thread is hard to see, I know, but it really does look pretty in real life, I promise.

I hope that your weekend has been as swell as mine and that your needles are flying!
Woo Hoo!


  1. Coni, Victorian Ribbons is looking fabulous. Go Coni! Glad you had a good outing and time at the Elkhart guild luncheon. Enjoy the upcoming week!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend!! And Victorian Ribbons is so very pretty!

  3. This is a beautiful project! I'm loving your choices on the red canvas. This is much prettier than the photo on Laura Perin's website. Will you share your canvas choice and thread choices with us?