Oct 30, 2015


It started early this year....

Mo-ther: Stewey, have you decided what you would like to be for Halloween?

Stewey: Yes, I want to be Super Girl.

Mo-ther: Super Girl?  Why not something fun like a zombie or a ghost or a vampire? (She frantically tries to remember what other costumes are stashed away in the carefully labeled bin in the guest room closet). Oh!  I know!  How about a lady bug!  You always wanted to be a lady bug!

Stewey:  Lady bugs are sooooo 2012, Mo-ther.  I want to be Super Girl.

Mo-ther carefully ponders just what will be involved in assembling a Super Girl outfit, and whether or not her limited skills will result in a successful outcome, or an unfortunate mess that will cause yet another epic tantrum.

Mo-ther:  OK.  Super Girl it is, but on one condition.  Under no circumstances are you to wear your wiglet.

Stewey:  The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize, Mo-ther.  Now pass me my tights and cape.


  1. Stewey, I didn't recognize you. Hope Mo-ther gives you lots of treats.

  2. Happy Halloween Stewey and Coni!

  3. That is the best!! Happy Halloween you two!!

  4. LOLOL. Hmmmm. One has to wonder if this was Stewey's idea or Coni's? ;) Cathryn

  5. Stewey, hoping you get lots of treats. Happy Halloween!

  6. Stewy, you look adorable as SuperGirl. It's funny because it is so unlike your personality.