Sep 27, 2015


I sat at the dining room table and colored from 1:00 yesterday afternoon until 2:00 this morning.  I'd love to tell you that I managed to do the laundry, wash the dog, clean the house, and solve world peace during that time, but the truth is...I just colored and let my feeble little brain wander about.

Stewey watched the football game and put himself to bed at a reasonable hour, but awoke determined to get me into a more productive mode today.  He piled all of the laundry (perfectly sorted and prepped, thankyouverymuch) right in front of the bedroom door, so if I want to escape the confines of the sleigh bed and head for the living room, I need to either climb over it or grab a load and get it sploshing.  He also ran the dishwasher and affixed a note that says "Empty me immediately, or shame on you and your slovenly ways" , so I suppose I had better take the hint.

He's napping in the sunshine at the moment, so I could steal a few minutes to color just one more.....

Nope.  Better not.  The snit that is sure to be thrown will not be worth the ten minutes of fun.  Time to get moving!

I hope that your Sunday is as easy and fun as you want it to be!
Ciao, mee a-more-rays!


  1. Lovely! I don't think there's any harm in some immersed pleasure. Once you've sorted out the laundry and done a few more chores that you feel are sufficient, I hope you find yourself once again happily busy with whatever project your heart desires.

  2. Coni:
    Your sense of color is amazing. Wow!
    Can we join you on Pintrest? Please?
    Ruth in Oxnard Ca.

  3. You are so good at choosing colors that look great together!

  4. Coni,
    You are so prolific! And your color choices are always stunning.