Mar 27, 2014


So there I was, daydreaming about this thing of ours, when I happened upon a comment on this here blog by the lovely JP.  In my last post, I mentioned that Stewey and I were captivated by the costumes in Game of Thrones, and JP was kind enough to provide the link to the Embroideress of said costumes.

(Fair warning, kids.....when you go to this sight, you are going to want to quit your day job, move to London, and bang on the door of her studio to beg for an apprenticeship.  (At least that's what I am thinking about doing today.)

I mean, come on.  How freakin' COOL would THAT be?

RANDOM PERSON AT A COCKTAIL PARTY:  So, what do you do for a living?

SPINSTER:  I'm a Needleartist.

(OK, so this is the answer I give whenever somebody asks me this question already, but I do so because saying "Oh, I'm a big fat loser who hasn't a clue as to what she was supposed to do with her pitiful little life" kind of kills the moment.)

RANDOM PERSON:  A Needleartist?  What's that?

SPINSTER:  Well, I do hand embroidery on textiles that are used in film and television productions.

RANDOM PERSON:  Wow.  That's amazing.  Have you worked on anything that I would have seen?

SPINSTER:  As a matter of fact, I just finished work on this season's costumes for Game of Thrones.

RANDOM PERSON:  Wow.  That's incredible.  You're perhaps the most fascinating person I've ever met in my whole entire life.  Can I get your number and take you to dinner sometime to hear more about this?

Ahhhhh. What a happy daydream for today!  Thanks for the reference, JP!

Here's the link:


  1. *faints* At the rate I stitch, there wouldn't be another season of Game of Thrones until 2099!!

  2. Hi Connie! did you read the books before watching the series? just curious............ shelley reynolds in Minnesota where's it 39 and raining..................

  3. Wow - the embroidery is fantastic - true art! I'll just creep back to my Q Snaps now, and carry on in my humble way. I did read the first 2 books before watching the series. I think they add some background to the characters and the story. It's like reading the book before yo see the movie - sometimes it's helpful, sometimes not so much.
    Howdy all from Canada, where an evil Timelord has sent us back to January. !

  4. Holey Schmoley is right! My comment made it into a blog post. Woo hoo! ~JP (aka Joyce Pugh)

  5. Oh, Wow! Those dragons are spectacular on Sansa's wedding gown. Whew!

  6. I've never watched an episode of Game of Thrones, but I can still appreciate that fabulous work put into those costumes!

  7. Wow. I want to quit my job, move to London and become the oldest apprentice on the face of the planet!