Mar 31, 2014


My mo-ther can't come to the blog right now.  I've sent her to the market on a fool's errand of looking for a very special organic dog food that I read about online.  We'll just keep it between us chickens that this particular dog food is only available in Australia, OK?

I was doing just fine, sleeping with my silk pajamas and sleep mask firmly in place, when the old lady started bellowing "Oh, what a beautiful morning!" at the top of her ample lungs at 5:30 this morning.  We apparently are experiencing some sort of weather related phenomenon that does not involve freezing my little heiney off, so Mo-ther felt compelled to welcome the day in what can only be described as her own special way.

Progress continues on Aunt Laura's Stained Glass Windows.  I think this piece is particularly fetching, and have already selected a place for it in my study....just above the davenport.  Methinks the color scheme will go quite nicely with a new Persian I've just had my broker bid on for me at Southeby's, so as long as Mo-ther remembered to pay my AMEX bill this month, we should be good to go.

Life continues along quietly here at Chez Spinster.  I see my Aunt Chrissy from time to time for a little intellectual stimulation, and make do with whatever inane conversation Mo-ther concocts in the interim.  My cousin Bosco continues to amuse me with his antics, and there was a brief moment that I considered joining him on Spring Break this year before I remembered that I care neither for board shorts or beer parties.

I do apologize for my absence, but between trying to keep my idiot mo-ther from doing stupid human tricks that will surely result in a trip to the local emergency room and writing my novel, there just isn't a lot of time in the day.  

Are you all well and enjoying your own particular corner of the world?

I hope so.

Until we meet again, know that I remain your loyal and devoted friend.  Keep those cards and letters coming!

With love from your pal,


  1. So good to hear from you Master Stewey...

  2. Stewey, glad to hear you are doing well! Writing a novel don't you say? I am sure it is full of all of your travels and shenanigans!!! Hugs and kisses!

  3. OH MY! Stewey, I cannot WAIT to read your novel!
    I thoroughly enjoy EVERYTHING you have to say. Never ever ever do I leave your pages without having many smiles beforehand. Happy days to you and Mo-ther

  4. Stained Glass is beautiful. I love those colors. I wish I had you and Stewey as neighbors. I think my 4-legged neighbors need some of his couth and panache. :)
    Also, Happy Birthday today!

  5. LOVE your color choices, Coni! Can't wait to see you polish this piece off, too!!