May 21, 2013


We're adding our thoughts and prayers to those of the rest of the world for you, Oklahoma (and elsewhere if you've been hit by Mother Nature).    I'm so sorry for it all...the loss of life, of home, of community...all of it.  I pray that you can find one small moment of peace or comfort in the coming days.

Small progress on the Rishfield canvas...


  1. Thanks Coni, the loss of life and property is overwhelming. I taught school in Moore before moving to Owasso...those precious children and teachers are such a hard loss to face. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers

  2. The colours of your canvas work are so very pretty, I love the overall look. I've seen some images of the devastation and it looks just awful. It's hard to imagine how frightening it must have been.

  3. Love watching your progress on here. Thanks CJ in OK