May 23, 2013


I'm having a love/hate relationship with my stitching efforts on the Rishfeld canvas.  There are moments when I look at the yellow flowers and think "Cool.  A little bit of dimension. With a lovely crystal in the center, these babies will really pop!"
Other times I wonder what in the h-e-double-toothpicks I was thinking.
So I've decided to finish those last two in the upper left and then move on to another mo-teef.  Then, when the whole kit and caboodle has been completed, I can decide if the yellow flower "let's just do a few random stem stitches" idea will stay or go.
How's things in YOUR neck of the woods?


  1. Hello Coni!
    Things in my neck of the woods (Tucson, AZ) are heating up. We have not had a 100 degree day yet though. I've got to say that I really like the three-dimensional daisies. You've taken a rather serious canvas with truly amazing stitching and given it a little whimsy. I truly love that about your stitching style. I think I would continue on with the serious style of beautiful stitches and have only the daisies come out of the canvas. It is just the right amount of whimsy. I think any more would negate the beauty of the canvas and also take away from the whimsical surprise of those flowers. (Have I typed whimsy too much?) I feel that by reading your blog, not only do I get a good chuckle every day, I also have become a much better stitcher. Please do keep up the good work.

  2. I am absolutely voting for keeping the dimensional yellow flowers - love the way they lean over the border.

    Over here in the UK Spring/Summer is still not really getting going....having to go on holiday to get some sun.

    Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the rest of this canvas Coni.

    Godalming UK

  3. Your work is absolutely stunning. Me thinks you need to take a road trip to Illinois and teach me what you are doing! It is only one state away you know...

  4. Hi Coni--
    The jacarandas are in bloom here in SoCal, and the purple is beautiful (messy) against the spring sky.
    I, too, love the whimsy of the yellow flowers, but might be tempted to pull the eye back to the center of the canvas by repeating the line around the center of the larger flower...

  5. I'm a big fan of dimensionality. I love your little yellow flowers.

  6. I noticed the dimensional look immediately. I think it is a great addition. Please keep them.

    Mary in TN

  7. HI Coni, love , love , love the colours in this piece of your stitching . Things are cooling off here in the Southern Hemisphere ( sadly ) the trees are a wonderful autumnal colour , but I am not looking forward to winter in our neck of the woods, even though they are very mild in comparison to the fabulous U.S of A.
    I am looking forward to seeing your completed stitching.
    Love to Stewey from Fritz, the equally indulged miniature dachsund . Karen , South Australia

  8. My neck of the woods...Arizona, the temps have been in the 100's unlike Pamelaric in Tuscon....trying to keep focus on projects. Love the always have lovely work to show.

  9. Lovely work. I like how the flowers pop with the texture

  10. I am working on the same canvas and have the same relationship. I am going to use *Very Velvet* for the edge of the white and orange flowers. I love your added touch to the flowers, do not change a thing, it is lovely!!

    The Rishfield canvas is lovely, but a challenge as well!

  11. Things are really warming up here in the northeast as well. This is really impressive stitching and the three-dimensional look is very strong, I love it. A note based on your profile, I learned long ago that it is impossible to meet the many demands of my fussy little dog.

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