Mar 2, 2013


Aunt Chrissy and Bosco are still snoozing, Stewey is on his perch, and I'm contemplating another cuppa.  It has been such bliss to have a house full of sissy love and pups.  Methinks we need to think about doing this permanently.

(I suppose that that little plan would require Aunt Chrissy to feel the same way I do, hmmmm?  Why do I think that the answer to that particular question might not be what I expect? )

(What can I say?  I'm much better in small doses.)

Any whose....we're off for a few sissy errands and then hopefully it's back to the Happy Chair for some weekend therapy in the form of some serious tent stitching for me and some lovely silk crosses for AC.

Are you exactly where you want to be today?  I hope so!  Stay warm and safe and dry and we'll see you on the other side!


  1. AC is so lucky to have you watching out for her but we all need our alone time now and again. ;-)
    CJ in Ok

  2. So nice that you and Aunt Chrissy are enjoying each other's company... and that you have each other to depend on when things get rough....
    Wishing you many happy stitchy hours this weekend... I plan to do a little myself!

  3. Sounds very cozy. Hope you both have a peaceful and rewarding weekend. :) Cathryn

  4. Glad the two of you are having such a nice time together. Enjoy your weekend stitching time.

  5. Glad you are having a very good weekend. Lots of stitchy time for me in my chair, so yes, I am exactly where I want to be. =)

  6. Sounds perfectly perfect! Hugs..


  7. Glad everyone there is happy and cozy. I have done the same this weekend. Hoping Aunt Chrissy feels better all the time.

    Debbie in Kansas

  8. Looks like you are in for another BIG snow. Hope you are ready for it. Stay snug.
    (Tucson, AZ)

  9. Hugs to Aunt Chrissy and Bosco and Stewey and yourself Coni!
    I've been absent from the blogging world for the best part of 10 months and am flinging myself back into the midst of all my blogging favourites. So glad to see you all still here and stitching up a storm.