Feb 5, 2013


I awoke with the happy thought that today was Futzingday (*). 

"Woo Hoo!" I bellowed, as I hopped out of the big girl sleigh bed.  "A whole day of Futzing is to be had by all!".

This was right about the point that Stewey poked his nose out from under the t-shirt sheets and Woolrich blanket to inform me that today is, in fact, Tuesday, and NOT Futzingday.


So I'm going to head to an appointment and then come home and start the festivities early.  I'm jonesing for a studio day, and if I can manage to get the motivation to do more than stare at the walls, I might actually make it up there to rummage through my stash for some fun things for the basket.

The basket, sadly, has been empty for quite some time now, so methinks a little rummage might be just what the doctor ordered.

So Happy Futzingday Eve, everybody!  What are you going to do to celebrate?

(*) Futzingay is nothing more than Wednesday, kids.  I named it thusly because I have a propensity to do absolutely nothing but futz on Wednesdays.  So I figured that an official day to do so each week would make me feel less like a slacker and more like a traditionalist.


  1. Dear Coni: Happy early Futzing to you too. I can indeed spend a day running around like a chicken without a you no what and get absolutely nothing done. There is nothing quite like it. Get started early and I shall join in. Take care.

  2. Reminds me of mr. Kastanza who decided on festivus. Sounds like a weekly day of futzing is fine. I need to cultivate a basket of "to dos", as opposed to decisions, decisions, decisions. I need to plan more!

  3. Futzingday sounds better than Hump Day!!!

  4. I did a little early futzing myself this evening. Even put together an order for a few stitchythings. Enjoy, CJ in OK

  5. I hope Futzingday was all you wanted it to be! I have to admit I hope you don't completely fill your basket. I'm really anxious to see how the flower on the Rishfield comes out. That would be my humble wish for your next/continuing project :)