Feb 7, 2013


Hi, kids.  I'm in the midst of a project at the moment, so not much of an update for you, but a fellow stitchy friend needs help.

If you're a canvas work person, and enjoy doing those types of projects, where do you go for all of your supplies?  We're looking for a "one stop shop" type of place that will have stretcher bars (preferably Evertights), Caron threads, canvas, and other supplies that would help you complete a project.

Comments, please.  Shop owners welcome!


  1. Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake IL
    Designer's Desk in Geneva IL
    Northshore Needleworks in Northbrook IL

    All of them will ship

    1. Designers Desk only seems to ship when they want -sometimes 6 months later.

  2. Recommendations here. There are plenty so your friend can pick a place closer to their location.

  3. Stewey: Tell Mom all my friends even from Russia order from Stitchville USA in Minnetonka, Minnesota.
    They do carry Evertights and all the threads you will need and some beautiful canvases.

  4. Needleworks in Austin, TX - simply the largest and best. If they don't have it, it either doesn't exist or they will find it for you!

  5. Homestead Needlearts in Grand Blanc, MI. :)

  6. Needlepoint.com (Raleigh, NC)

    Stitchpoint (Greensboro, NC)

    M in NC

  7. Two the Point in Overland Park, Kansas. They have it all and all the threads plus some crosstitch. But no website you have to call. CJ in OK

  8. Western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania there is Fireside Stitchery. Website is www.firesidestitchery.com and phone number is 610-889-9835.

  9. Nordic Needle in Fargo North Dakota. They have a wonderful shop and they have a wonderful website. I am in Canada and even with customs, I get my order within days. Flat fee for shipping in US and also throughout the year they have free shipping in the US. They put out one main catalog each year and two smaller catalogs with all the new items - Spring and Fall. They also have a wonderful retreat every year in March/April

  10. Homestead Needle Arts in Grand Blanc, MI is amazing. Theresa is beyond wonderful and her website is amazing!! www.homesteadneedlearts.com You will never go back!

  11. Needlepoints Limited, Garden Grove, CA Very close to Disneyland if you're visiting.

    Diana has an excellent eye for color and is willing to order what she doesn't have!

  12. Try staying in the Hoosier State!
    Fancy Works in BLoomington will get you what you need. They ship, reasonable costs and good turn-around times.

  13. Hi Coni, a little late reply, but here goes...Needle in a Haystack in Alameda, CA. They have Evertites, loads of threads (including Caron Collection), canvas (both blank and hand painted)and all sorts of needlework related goodies. They ship all over, and although they are sometimes out of stock they are really good about keeping track and filling back orders. Their on line catalog (www.needlestack.com) has photos of most of the fibers they carry, so you can get an idea of a thread color before you order it.