Nov 12, 2012


Just a quickie, folks.  Stewey is standing in the middle of the living room with his pumpkin in his mouth, and if I don't play with him there will be h-e-l-l to pay.  Answers to a few burning questions:

1) No, I did not smell Jon Bon Jovi.  He happened to visit my favorite restaurant a few weeks ago and the staff there all got a good whiff of him.  Apparently it (and he) were fabulously lovely.  (As if we didn't know that already, right?)

2) My reading list has been nuts lately, but I suspect that this is due to the fact that I am trying to use our local libraries as much as possible, and I'm too damn shy to walk up to a librarian to ask her where to find stuff.  So I hit the "New Fiction" shelf and hope for the best.  I finished Mark Haddon's "The Red House" and have to say that I did enjoy it, and then started Salman Rushdie's "Midnight's Children" and know that I'm going to love this one also.  I happened to see Mr. Rushdie on Charlie Rose a week or so ago and realized that I've not read very much of what he's written, so I figured it was time to rectify that.  Throw in Garrison Keillor's "Pilgrims" and about three dozen magazines, and you now know what's been in front of my eyeballs when I'm not stitching.

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and emails, kids!  Y'all ROCK my freakin' world!

Happy Monday to all and to all a Happy Monday!


  1. Coni, have you checked out the website, goodreads? I think you would like it. I'd be happy to have you as a friend there. Great place to see what good books there are out there.

  2. Ah dear Coni, the life of a liberal is not easy. Your thoughts are so welcome on this rainy day in Georgia.

  3. Coni, all the sniffing Jon comments and not one of them from me the uber Jovi fan. I thought you'd gotten a sample of his new cologne that Avon is offering so that was how you smelled him. LOL

  4. Hi Coni - I have a great way to avoid asking for books - librarians are swell people, but sometimes you just want to grab a book and run. I keep my eyes on the Goodreads website for things I want to read, and I'm sure there are tons of websites like it. If the book is new and the author looks interesting I go to my library website and see if they have the book or other books by that author. I put it on reserve, and they have it for me at the desk. Minimum of chit chat! Works a charm.
    Enjoy your day.

  5. I was going to say all the things Colleen just really I was! I listen to books on disc so I can stitch,quilt,clean and still listen. I do all my stuff online. My library will order any new book on disc I ask them to order and it's all done online! If you join goodreads look for me....I will be your friend. I always post reviews!

  6. I also encourage you to join goodreads -- it's a wonderful readers site!
    Also, I love listening to recorded books while stitching, cleaning, commuting. It's great to be read to! My county library has an enormous online catalog of audiobooks that I can check out and download, all from the comfort of my favorite stitching spot.

  7. Okay, I'll make it unanimous--Goodreads is great. I was given a Kindle and now download books to it. Amazon has a huge number of free books to download. So far, I've not paid for one. :-)