Oct 17, 2012


Wednesdays around here used to involve a time to unplug and re-boot.  I figured that this would be a good day to just concentrate on doing nothing.  You know....a little futz here, a little futz there.  Here a futz. There a futz.  Everywhere a futz futz. Just a day to stare at walls or play with something new or bang around up in the studio.  And the one thing that I promised myself was that I would, under no circumstances, turn on this bloody machine and then be tied to it for hours and hours and hours like I am most of the other days of the week.

So much for that.

Here's a little progress on what's been going on around here of late.  A whole lot of absolutely nothing:

 ...at least we're very well rested...


  1. The colors are wonderful. BUT more importantly, where did you get the spool to hold your scissors? I love it. I NEED IT!

    PS - I want to come back as your dog or one of my cats. Bless Stewey and his mommy too!

  2. Well, I for one am glad that you turned on the computer. Your progress on Turning Leaves is really great and I love the gold substitution.

  3. I love the progress Coni! I hope you are feeling better! Stewey needs to meet My Mr Loomis on my blog! They are both in the same position today! lol
    I love watching your progress!

  4. Love the colors on your current project! So pretty! The doggie looks quite content snoozing away :)

  5. Nice progress. Nice to see someone is getting their beauty sleep.