Oct 15, 2012


snoozy...snoozy...snoozy...water the drapes....snoozy...snoozy...snoozy...water the ottoman...turkey bacon!...water the Happy Chair...snoozy...snoozy...veto Mo-ther's choice of grocery shopping attire...snoozy...water the freshly planted pansy garden...snoozy...veto Mo-ther's choice of sleeping attire...snoozy...snoozy...snoozy...bark at birds...bark at squirrels...bark at obnoxious neighbor grandchildren who are only here on Notre Dame football weekends but who think they own the whole gd place and can't understand why it is not at all fair that we cannot enjoy a lazy Sunday with The New York Times and a damn good cup of coffee because they insist on all of that caterwauling...snoozy..snoozy...Mo-ther back in the Happy Chair stitching...snoozy...snoozy...snoozy....Mo-ther coughing her brains out all over the place...snoozy...snoozy...snoozy...water everything

Turning Leaves
Laura J. Perin Designs
18ct. mono canvas
threads as called for, except for some really sparkly gold that I had in my stash


  1. It's a tough job, Stewey, but somebody has to do it. Keep up the good work!

    Mary Eman

  2. Well,it sounds like everything got a good watering!!! You have such a helpful companion:-)
    Gorgeous stitching. Hope you are getting better.

  3. Nice job on the stitching. My cat does the snoozy snoozy job too.

  4. Love you Stewey you are a dog after Roscoe's own heart - Roscoe being my dog man of the hour. I love your writing and hope you feel better real soon. Oh, an your stitching is awfully lovely - wish mine was half as good. Jean

  5. have not visited in a while
    sad to hear you are feeling minus 100%
    feel better
    you always make me smile

  6. Love it! Snoozy Snoozy Snoozy (when I take naps - now that I am retired - I always feel like 'it doesn't get any better than this') WTG Stewey! Except, less watering and more snoozing. ;) LOVE the stitchy piece. Gorgeous! Cathryn

  7. Stewey,

    Snoozy like a cat my man, good job. Try curling up next to your mom. Better than penicillin or anything the Dr. can dish out--at least that's what we've discovered. As for all that random watering, get a litterbox for crying out loud. I'll never understand your species.

  8. This has to be one of my all time favorite posts. Very funny!

  9. Ah, for a dogs life!

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...

  10. Hope you are up and at it pretty soon. Sounds like lots of snoozy going on.
    Feel better soon.
    Judy in Kansas