Oct 29, 2012


It's all over but the beading!  I had so much fun stitching this that I was sorry to see it end.  Do you ever do that?...get to the end of a fantastic book or the last few stitches of a wonderful project and wish they would last just a wee bit longer?  Well, I certainly did that with this one.  Loved. Loved. Loved. It.
Turning Leaves
Laura J. Perin Designs
18ct. mono canvas
#5 perle cottom, Watercolours, ribbon floss, and Kreinik #8 braid 

I'll have to finish the beading up in the studio, since whenever I sit in the Happy Chair to bead I end up dropping enough of them that Stewey gets himself into mischief.  The last time I beaded something in the Happy Chair, I awoke to see that he had corn-rowed his hair and then attached lovely little gold seed beads to all of the ends.  I suspect that he did this to teach me a lesson -- tiny little beads, an overstuffed chair with an ample heiney in it, and a precocious little dog do not mix.  At all.

Speaking of Stewey, we've determined that he is the worst alarm clock ever.  There we were, snoring away in the big girl sleigh bed this morning, when he decided to lurch out from under the covers and upchuck all over the freshly laundered sheets.  So Mommie Dearest here had to leap out of bed, strip it bare, start washing things at the crack of dawn, and then get his tea and dry toast ready before she had her wits about her.  All I can say is that it made for an interesting Monday morning.  Oh well, at least I've been productive....all of the newspapers read, dishwasher emptied, coffee slurped, and towels a-folded and it's not even 10 o'clock yet.  Woo Hoo!
"Mommie, just because I ASK you for cookies every fine and a half minutes doesn't mean you have to GIVE me cookies every five and a half minutes.  If you're feeling guilty about not being a better mo-ther, try taking me outside to play Pumpkin instead!"

Aunt Chrissy gets the Spinster Weekend of Bliss Award, since she put her shoes and socks on and came over to empty the back patio of all of its contents.  I wanted to delay it until the snow started flying, but now that I see the weather report, I realize that when Aunt Chrissy tells me to do something I should just do it already and shut my trap.  We're going to get the back-side remnants of Sandy in the form of high winds, so the thought of not having to chase my patio umbrella down the block is reward for a little sweating and grunting.

Speaking of the you-know-what, I hope that all of you in the path of it are warm and safe and dry and that you and yours will be OK.   We're sending all of our hopeful thoughts your way!


  1. Oh I do hope the storm won't affect you too badly.
    I've been thoroughly enjoying reading your blog. I just love it. I love your sense of humor and how you share it. lol
    Thank you!
    Oh, and your new Laura J. is absolutely lovely!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product with the beads in place. So far it's beautiful. I keep meaning to pick up canvaswork, but I have enough cross-stitch stash to last me a few lifetimes (Elvis says nine or more) that the last thing I need is to pick up another crafty-type hobby/obsession. Speaking of beads, Elvis got into a closed sewing basket and closed bead packet after watching me finish a christmas ornament. I thought I had secured the lovely objects of his highness' desire, but alas, his cleverness figured a way to reach the shiny objects. Let's just say, we had the most colorful, sparkley litter box for a few days. All things do come to pass.
    Elvis sends his regards to Stewey and hopes his tummy is better. Furrballs are a female dog.
    Stay warm.

    1. lol at Elvis!! Hope it made the dreaded task of scooping a little less of a chore!

      Debbie in Kansas

  3. I know exactly what you mean. There have been a few stitching projects I hated to see end. Love your latest.

  4. Just wonderful! Hope Stewey's tummy feels better.

  5. Coni - I've been watching this storm and praying for all of you. I don't know why these things are allowed. Please be safe. Beautiful project you did up. Take care.

  6. Love the Laura Perrin piece. I am like Ralee above....I would love to learn canvaswork, love the designs, but as my DH pointed out I have enough cross stitch patterns to last several lifetimes.

    Debbie in Kansas

  7. Love this one. Am thinking of doing it myself. You are a true enabler!!! I understand a rude awakening by a puky animal. My Chrissy (aged 20 lynx-point siamese) has been quite puky all her life. Her favorite is hurling on my chest in the middle of the night--talk about rude awakening! ewwww I do find that it's easier to strip and clean me to stripping the whole bed and remaking and laundering. I shouldn't say this aloud, but that hasn't happened recently. shhhhhhh
    (Tucson, where there is no hint of rain)

  8. Congrats on your almost finish, it is lovely. Sorry you had such a rude wake up call.

  9. Gorgeous work. Perfect colours, no wonder you didn't want it too end.
    Enjoy the beading and stay safe indoors.

  10. you do such gorgeous work; hope you don't get much wind; we got a visit from Sandy here in Va. Beach, would love to see Stewey with corn rows, ha ha ha!!!

  11. Well did your part of Hoosierland get that Snow stuff, drove to work yesterday here in Bungals country and as it got light the rain turned to snow and it was even sticking. Too darned early for that stuff.

    I too sometimes reach the end of boos or projects and dont want them to end. And I actually think I will order Turning Leaves as I am just finishing the metalics and backstitching of a Mirabellia piece just need to do the beeding.