Oct 31, 2012


My mom can't come to the blog right now.  I've medicated her heavily and sent her off to the big girl sleigh bed with instructions to pick up a book and get away from the TeeVee.  She has been glued to the storm coverage 24/7, and her weepy "Oh, my poor New Jersey" hysterics are getting a little hard to take.  You would think that she was born and raised there the way she's carrying on, but if she doesn't knock it off pretty soon, I'm going to point out that she thought that John Cougar Mellancamp and Bruce Springsteen were actually the same person until she was 34 years old.  Sheesh.

The scenes are indeed devastating, and I am thinking of all of you that were in the storm's path.  Whether you're dealing with wind, water, ice, snow, cold, or powerlessness....please know that we are continuing to pray for your speedy recovery and safety.

We're hurtling toward the weekend like a herd of turtles around here, so I promise to provide you with stitchy updates as soon as I have them.  Mo-ther has been playing with a fun little Halloween piece from the ANG stitchy guild, but whether or not any measurable progress is made has yet to be determined.

Take care, my dear friends.  Be safe, and tell us all about it when you can.  We'll be here.

With love from your pal,


  1. So, what kind of costume is Stewey sporting this evening?


  2. Thanks for the well wishes Stewey. I live in a little part of Mt. Vernon,NY called Fleetwood and my little section of the world has been the calm in the storm. I will venture in the big city tomorrow - where things are still drying out.

    Hope everything gets back to normal soon !

  3. John Mellencamp is my favorite singer (after Johnny Rivers!) How can she mix him up with springsteen???LOL

  4. Hello from New Jersey,

    Stewey please share with the Stitchy Spinster that New Jersey will recover as we are people with spunk and will!

    The power might be off, the house is getting chilly, trees are across the roads, water is on restriction due to lack of pumps, gas stations are hard to find and have long waits, we don't have internet, tv, or cable but spirits are good and we are in recovery mode. It is sad and I know that people are dealing with much more than I am tonight but they aren't alone we will get everyone back up just give us some time to start our Disaster Recovery plan we will bounce back. Thanks for your concern though, we appreciate the positive energy and good thoughts.

    I am looking forward to getting some power so I can stitch again! They say we should have power in 8-10 days so we are hanging in there!

  5. I am with you Stewey in praying for all affected by this storm. Cathryn

  6. Gretchen: prayers and warm hugs, from southern NJ (near Mays Landing & Vineland).
    Coni: thanks for being worried/upset for us. Personally, me and mine are okay; but the hurricane eye passed right over us, and the winds scared the bejabbers outta us. Am just amazed at the photos of how bad it is north of us, though. Would suggest donations be made to relief organizations such as Salvation Army and American Red Cross, and to local fire companies and ambulance squads.
    ANG project: which one?....Halloween Treat by Marilyn Owens? I have that all kitted, but haven't started it yet!
    Lynn in southern NJ