Feb 9, 2012


Nope. Just the sun. Seems that it's been scarce enough to make me notice when it finally peeks itself out of the clouds. The weird thing is that I usually don't pay too much attention to grey days....as a matter of fact I think I kind of prefer them since it provides the perfect excuse to hit the Happy Chair for some marathon stitching.

But the sun shining? In February?

What in the heck is going ON with this crazypants weather?

Here's a little progress on Le Printemps. Once I got that sucker off of the scroll rods and onto the more manageable q-snaps, it seemed like it became much more enjoyable to stitch. I still haven't figured out how to negotiate all of the extra linen on these BAP's, but I'm just happy that I haven't stitched this one shut yet.

(You know....when you accidentally stitch the overhanging linen to the back of the piece that you're working on? And then you have to quickly and carefully rip it apart so that nobody will see what a boob you were and that you really shouldn't be allowed to work on things that are the size of a bedspread?)

(At least not without adult supervision anyway.)

But I'm really enjoying this, and hope that I might make enough progress on it that it will see the working side of a frame sometime soon.
That's the Thursday report for today, my friends. Grocery tonight! Woo Hoo!


  1. Lovely roses. With all the moving around you do on this big piece the Q-Snaps sound like the better choice. Happy Stitcher in even the sunshine. CJ in OK ;-)

  2. Hi Coni,
    My internet stitching friend, Taffy, uses hair clip thingies to gather the extra fabric at the edges of her q-snaps. Other people probably do too, but I've definitely seen it on Taffy's blog.
    go here: http://taffystreasures.blogspot.com/2011/12/hulless-carmel-corn-and-some-stitching.html
    and you can just see the dark- toothed hair clip thing gripping the bottom edge.

  3. I agree with Kathryn on the use of hair claw-clips to hold excess fabric.

    While I haven't stitched the overhanging to the fabric on any cross stitch progress I've accidently folded and stitched things together on the machine several times XD

  4. Connie, I use these things http://www.nordicneedle.com/prod/6575.html called Grime Gards from Nordic Needle. They are great for not only keeping your extra fabric clean, but keeping it out of the way. I love them.

  5. Oh this is soooo pretty. I seen it in the shop I was in yesterday. They had a grab bag setup...it was so much fun. I got a ton of stuff for just $8.00. Looking forward to working on it. Got time to myself this weekend.

  6. Nice start Coni. I also use the butterfly hairclips to hold my excess fabric rolled up on the edge.

  7. I thought I was the only one who does things like stitch the edge of the fabric to their actual piece of stitching. Good to know others are out there!

  8. Love the progress on this piece. Another one in the stash basket that I never seem to get too. About that extra fabric - I use scroll rods so haven't run into the problem so I don't have any helpful hints.

  9. Wow, you new start is looking just great! I have admired these for a while, just don't know when (if) i will ever get around to stitching them though i'm such a slow stitcher i always seem to be playing 'catch up' to everyone else!

    Hey, send that sun over here, haven't seen that big yellow thing over the UK in a while :-)

  10. Real stitching embarrassment is when you are happily stitching along on an enjoyable piece, at brake neck speed and finally take a breather, only to find you have stitched said piece to your clothing.
    I know I have done this, and-during-a-class!
    Oh the shame!

  11. Nice progress. Hope you find an easy solution for the excess fabric.

  12. Beautiful...I use hair clips that are flat when closed. I also use a toliet paper roll, roll extra linen and use a straight pin (long one to secure. Roll it right up to the edge of the q-snap.

    I have stitched linen in layers quite a few times and I'm ashamed to admit not only that, but to the quilt I cover up with in my stitching chair and to my clothes. Yikes!

  13. Have you seen the millennium frame yet? It is a snazzy scroll frame from the UK.
    I always sew my mending to my slacks, so I understand your frustration.

  14. You saw that brightness in the sky, too? I wasn't sure what to make of it. And the sky had a strange color to it. Very odd indeed. (Happy stitching!)

  15. We are finally getting some cold weather here, but still no snow. It`s a good excuse to drink hot chocolate, light the fireplace and stitch. My viewing will likely be more along the lines of NCIS than Doctor Zhviago, but to each their own.

    Glad to know i`m not the only one that has stitched her fabric together like that!

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...