Jan 9, 2012


I swore up and down that this would be the year that I would stop throwing my crazy out there into the universe and just make this a stitchy blog, but then I realized that my wiring requires that I blather on aimlessly and there's no way I will ever be "that really lovely civilized woman who takes such pretty photographs and who writes with such eloquence about her stitching", and I got over myself.

(I also swore that this would be the year that I assemble a relatively decent sentence that doesn't make you want to gouge your reading eyes out, but I'm pacing myself people. I'm pacing myself.)

Sylvester Stallone was my very first crush. The year was 1978 and I somehow convinced my parents to let me see Rocky. When they finally relented (in 1984 or so), I fell madly, deeply, head over heels in love with him. He was everything I ever wanted. Sure, I liked the way he looked, but it was his character's undying love for a girl that could have been me, were it not for the fact that I didn't wear glasses and was afraid of pet stores.

Over the years, I discovered that the real life Stallone is actually a very smart guy and that he read books and enjoyed painting when he wasn't hanging from a helicopter someplace trying to save the world. This juxtaposition of brain and brawn completely blows my skirt right up, and to this day I am determined to marry a man who is rough and tumble on the exterior, but who will understand the importance of good skin care and who isn't afraid to settle in for a Meryl Streep movie marathon on a winter Sunday afternoon. You know the type...is as comfortable in a ballroom as he is in a bowling alley....can recite hockey stats in addition to Shakespeare....and who will be as happy with boeuf bourguignon as he will be with meatloaf.

It suddenly occurs to me that this explains a LOT about my obsession with a dog-loving, book-reading Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as well as manly man chefs who also have the ability to write prose that makes me swoon.

That last one is Anthony Bourdain, by the way.

But I'm sure that Robert Irvine would be equally as adept at constructing a rather good story or two.

And what about the fact that Gordon Ramsey cooks AND played professional football in his younger days?

All of this explains the sixteen hours spent sitting in the Happy Chair watching of all of the Rocky movies, as well as the two hour Biography Channel special commemorating the 35th anniversary of the original.

What can I say? I have a box set and I wasn't afraid to use it.

Progress on Lizzie Kate's Winter Alphabet continues. This is definitely a fun one and stitching up much faster that I would have imagined!So that's the report from Chez Spinster today, my friends. Stewey has retired to his fort under the bed and won't come out until I promise to put the inside Christmas decorations away, so methinks I better get to it. He can be a real pill if things aren't exactly in the right place on a Monday, so I might as well forget about getting any peace and quiet around here until the last box is packed and stored away for next year. Damn dog.


  1. I am in love with all your Men, I do think Gordon Is really a kitten outside of his shows, he is so rough and tunble looking.
    I love your Lizzie Kate it is beautiful.
    Happy Day to you

  2. My first movie star crush was (and I guess still is) Sean Connery. Sigh...Swoon.... You see, I'm a lot older than you. lol While my taste in chefs is similar as I do like Anthony Bourdain but the crush ended when I found out he smoked. ewwww My new chef crush is Michael Symon. He's not super hard to look at and makes me laugh till I pee. I have found that the way to my heart is through my sense of humor.

    I'm doing that blog stalking again. This is the third project in a year and less than a month that you have made me rush out and buy. Shame on you Coni. I'm an old woman on a fixed income (grin) and you just keep tempting me. I now must stitch Winter Alphabet.

    Have a fun day taking down Christmas. Ohh yes, please also toss The Stewster a gourmet doggie treat for me. :-)

    Pamela (Tucson, AZ)

  3. I never comment here, but I had to step in. I love your crazy. I love your blog, much much more than almost any other stitchy blog, and truth be told I DON'T EVEN CROSS STITCH. I like looking at it, seeing what people are up to... but I come here for the crazy and the writing cause you are a great writer! So don't stop, don't listen to the haters (I 'm looking at you Stewey) and keep plugging away in the fashion that made your blog so popular in the first place!

  4. Your crazy is what makes your blog one of the first I read in google reader!

    I'm another person has similar taste in men. Where are all the single ones hiding?

    Love the Winter Alphabet, and I'm curious when you'll start working on the other seasons.

  5. I am old like Pamela, and also love Sean. And, for sheer physical attraction, I fell in love with Omar Shariff - loved those big brown eyes!!

    I have been toying with the idea of getting L*K Winter Alphabet - probably will bite the bullet soon!

    And I, too, come here for the crazy as much as the cross stitch.

  6. Don't let anyone, not even Stewey change you or your blog. Both Bud and I love you just thte way your are.

  7. Have you ever considered writing for a living? You have quite the knack!

  8. Winter Alphabet is truly working up quickly. Why not let your personality keep on shining through? Reading the things you write keeps many of us laughing and enjoying our day. Don't hold back!

    By the way, my verification word is "fartoo". Not sure what significance it has in the great cosmos, but I just had to share.

  9. I just had to comment today. For years, my husband has been telling me that the movies ruined Tarzan. (How could Johnny Weissmuller be ruined?) Well, I finally broke down and read Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan of the Apes. Yes, from 1914. And I do have to say, he was right. Tarzan gives Mr. Darcy a run for his money. If you really want to give yourself a swoonfest, give it a try. I am off to the library to get Tarzan Returns.
    With Palpitations, Laura

  10. Such men used to be called a 'debutante's delight' because they could be taken to any kind of party--BBQ, Cotillion, house party--they always knew what to wear, what to say, and how to dance.

    Later. It's time to go make the last run for supplies before that darn BCS championship game starts...

  11. Every time I think of Rocky I remember the Designing Women episode where Charlene is explaining about a Rocky and Mary Jo is complaining that she isn't like Rocky, she didn't win and Charlene has to point out that in the first movie Rocky didn't win. Then they start discussing "it's not like the movie won and Oscar" and Charlene has to enlighten them to the fact that Rocky did indeed win the Oscar. I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with your post but, it's what I thought of! Love your LK piece! Happy New Year!

  12. That winter alphabet is adorable. I remember when I tried to, unsuccessfully, convince my parents to let me see Rocky...had to wait a few years. Enjoy your week, Coni!

  13. I had a stuffed animal named Sylvester Stallone that I took everywhere with me. :)

  14. Coni, I love your prose just the way it is, please don`t become all dignified and boring!! Your antics cheer up my day!

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco..

    PS: Stewey would have a fit at my house...last year I left the tree up til April...

  15. Love your LK stitch. It is just so very bright.
    And Sly - been in love with that man for years. And he doesn't even know I exist (sigh!!!)

  16. My fav has always been Timothy Dalton, but I think the Heathcliff broody thing would drive me nuts and I'd end up swinging a frying pan at him. My Shih Tzu, Bea, had a fit of coniptions when the boxes came out to pack away the Christmas stuff - she thought we were moving again!
    love your blog

  17. WOW! you're making great progress on the L*K! And Keep the crazy coming!

  18. I have never seen Rocky or any of it's sequels and still have no interest. I have never heard of that Morgan guy, either. I love your stitching, though. And your little dog, too. En heh heh heh...dat darut duh da da...

  19. Please do not ever stop being crazy. I admire your stitching, but I love the way that your personality shines through and makes me feel as if I have been visiting with a cherished friend. Your blog is wonderful!

  20. LOVE the winter alphabet....getting the chart this weekend!

    And whatever you do, please, PLEASE keep the crazy coming....it's often the only thing that makes me feel sane!

    LOVE your writing, your tongue-in-cheek humor, and your ability to translate it into what we all look forward to reading.