Jan 12, 2012


Y'all are just lovely for soothing my savage beastie self. I'm happy to report that this morning has gone substantially better than yesterday, but I'm thinking that it's because I haven't left the friendly confines of the Happy Chair and I'm heavily medicated with dietCoke and a ham and cheese panini.

So, to explain why I was mean as a snake and twice as ugly yesterday....

The culprit:

The result. (In this case, the focus should be on the "SANITARY" button):

The task that prevented me from driving him to the pound:

A happy thing that will prevent me from standing in the Hobby Lobby aisle next year saying "I KNOW I have wreath hangers somewhere. I just can't find the damn things!"

The evening's viewing selection. (Because I needed to hear Joe Pesci say the eff word a billion and a half times and watching him act like a homicidal maniac was somehow very very soothing):
The stitching progress:

This morning's evidence that I probably shouldn't have been left to my own devices. (Those are Rice Krispie treats, by the way, and if Pfizer ever figures out a way to make them in pill form.....sign me the heck up already.)
*This is where I should show you a picture of my knee, but I have winter legs and I'm not about to go Neet-ing them just for a silly blog picture. When I was helping Aunt Chrissy unload groceries at her house, my puppy tot nephew decided to freakin' clock me in the right knee, thus capping off what could only be described as a day from h-e-l-l. Imagine a fifteen pound little meatloaf projecting itself at you at the approximate speed of light and then hyper-extending your already fragile knee until you hear a lot of crunching and ripping of things that pretty much confirm that you are going to have to get a HoverRound sooner rather than later.

(But to avoid the whole "Why am I so gd passive aggressive thing, may I just send a very heartfelt apology to Aunt Chrissy and Little Bosco for my ugly-cry meltdown? Please forgive me. I didn't mean to get so emotional, but the shock of having my knee broken by the last person on the planet who loves me was just more than I could bear. I'm on my way over to see him this afternoon to show him that there are no hard feelings...just a knee the size of a basketball in a lovely shade of puce.)

So there you have it, my dear stitchy friends. Another day in paradise here in Hoosierville. The weather has just taken a rainy/foggy/miserable turn, so things are definitely looking up! I see a cheery fire in the fireplace and a stitchy movie marathon in my future! Thanks again for your comforting comments -- I've printed them out so that they're ready for the next time things go awry. (At least I'm prepared, right?)


  1. So glad things are better for you today. We had a touch of snow down here in Southern Hoosierville, but that will NOT stop me from getting out to Joanne's for some needed DMC for my newest BAP!

    Take care of that knee by oh...sitting in the happy chair(?)!

  2. Oh Coni, it sounds like a miserable menopause induced miasma!!!

    Hope you are feeling better!!

  3. OUCH! Hope your knee is better soon and that you and Bosco are able to kiss, make up, and enjoy each other again soon.

    Your Christmas storage arrangement is heavenly! I have a garage that needs you desperately.

    Enjoy your snowy day(s) in the Happy Chair.

  4. OUCH! But can I tell you--I envy you that beautifully organized garage. Now, if I can just get my barn, garden shed, and storage room that organized...

    Oh, heck, who am I kidding? I'd settle for getting the kitchen that organized!

  5. Oh no...as someone who has a bad knee or two, I can feel your pain....rest, stitch. The look on Stewey's face is priceless....

  6. I'm glad your day is going better. I hope your knee feels better soon. Love your L*K.

  7. Wow now that is organized - great work!! Sorry about your knee, I am sure Bosco and Aunt Christie understood.

    Take care and enjoy some happy chair time!

  8. Where there is love. there is also pain some time. Though I am sure they were not talking about knees.Ouch!
    Bosco simply adores you and I am sure he is very sorry.
    So the rule for the next few days should be rest, relax and recuperate with Rice Krispies, diet coke, ham and cheese panini's and lot's of stitching.
    I am so envious of your organized storage, wish we had the room.

  9. Glad you are having a better day. I am sure Aunt Chrissy and Bosco feel badly about your knee. I injured my knee this summer--it was painful.

    I thought I was organized but WOW--you must share your tips.

    Diet Coke makes everything better

  10. I hope you continue to get better...sorry you had such a crappy day! But what a great reason to sit in the chair and stitch the week away!

  11. Hope your knee feels better soon. Lovely stitching on LK. Wow, great organising!

  12. HAHA, that puppy face says it all !

    Glad you are feeling better...Diet Coke does work wonders, doesn't it?

    Anyway, don't worry, I'm sure Aunt Chrissy and Little Bosco know you're only human. And you know the little guy luvs ya!

    You're stitching is magnificent and I am in awe of your organizational skills. It's 9:30 at night but suddenly I have the urge to clean and bake and stitch!

    Keep your leg up, queue up the movies, start up the fireplace and Happy Stitching!!!

  13. Ahh Stewey. Jack Russells have to be cute - it's their defense mechanism to prevent us owners from killing them a thousand times over!

    Btw - AMC is making a Goodfellas TV series. :)

  14. It's amazing something so small and cute could do so much damage.Take it easy and have a stitchathon and treat yourself 'cause you can't do housework with sore knee, now can you.

  15. It's amazing how something so small and cute could cause such damage.
    Relax, treat yourself and have a stitch-a-thon, because you can't possibly do housework with a bad knee now can you?

  16. Oh gosh. That's horrible. Hope you're knee will be better soon.

  17. I think you need a do-over.
    Feel better.
    Winter Alphabet is beautiful!

  18. When ever Bud does something that he knows he shouldn't have he gets that same little look on his face too. Most of the time it doesn't work on me and other times I can't stand that pitiful little sad face and we make up with hugs.

  19. Oh OUCH Coni!!! That sounds painful...hyperextension is the injury from HE**!!!! Take comfort in the thought that Bosco didn`t MEAN to hurt his favorite aunty, i`m sure he loves you to bits! If you figure out how to fix that knee, drop me a line...I hyperextended my finger months ago and it`s still swollen.

    A bad knee is a perfect excuse for stitching, and get Aunt Chrissy to come provide some TLC. After all, it was her da_ _....er darling dog who injured you!

    Feel better soon...((hugs))

    Kisses to Stewy...and Bosco too, I suppose!