Oct 5, 2011


A conversation overheard moments ago in the friendly confines of Chez Spinster:

MO-THER: Stewey, dear. It's time that we started planning your costume for Halloween.

STEWEY: There will be no planning necessary, Mo-ther. I have already decided upon my costume for this year, as well as started the procurement of necessary materials to make said costume.

MO-THER: Oh, wonderful! What are you going to be? A ghost? A witch? A cowboy? Maybe a comic book super hero? I could even envision you as a ladybug or a pirate, or maybe even a Power Ranger? How about a Ninja Turtle?

(The little dog snorts in disgust and walks out of the room muttering to himself. When he returns, the mo-ther strongly suspects that he has watered the master closet contents.)

MO-THER: How about a hotdog? You know, with a bun on either side and condiments across your back? I think it's more of a dachshund type of thing, but you could probably pull it off with your figure. A fireman? Policeman? Army Ranger? You could do anything in the military category, provided you didn't insist on a gun. I don't like guns. Guns would not be something that I would approve of for your costume, just so you know.

STEWEY: I'm going to be a PanAm flight attendant.

MO-THER: (sound of crickets chirping while she blinks in disbelief, slack jawed)

End scene.

So here's the lousy progress on the Prairie Moon. Sorry about the limited view due to the q-snaps, but it took me about four days to get the damn things on there, so I'm not taking them off now!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!


  1. Wow, you're almost done - just in time for Halloween. Who knew Stewey loved to fly!

  2. Thank you soooo much for the laugh!!! It was so needed. PS. I think blue just could be Stewey's color.

  3. You'll have to provide photos of Stewey's costume...lol.

    Love your wip. I may have to put that on my list of charts to obtain... :)

  4. I can't quite see Stewey as a Pan Am flight attendant...

  5. Your Prairie Moon piece looks great. A Pan am flight attendant?! Ok Stewey, if you say so little doggie....lol

  6. Oh, I can SO envision Stewey as a PanAm flight attendant. The Prairie Moon piece is looking fab. You have inspired me to want to stitch it!!!

  7. Stewey must have been watching Jeopardy last night with the PanAm flight attendant actresses giving the clues.

  8. Your stitching is looking terrific! And, Stewey will look very cute in any of those Halloween costumes!

  9. Your Prairie Moon is looking great! And to Stewey I think that you would make a wonderful aahhemm! stewardess? Your Mama can make you a little blue suit and cap to wear. She can teach you to roll a beverage cart around. Yes... a stewardess (or in your case...a steward) Yep! that just might fly!! Have a good weekend..

  10. I can't wait to see Stewey in high heels!

  11. I saw the premiere of Pan Am on the tee vee, and I seem to remember an emphasis on the wearing of a girdle. Is Stewey aware?
    Your stitching is terrific as usual.
    Have you given anymore thought to the possibility of organizing a Spinster Stitcher Stitching Retreat. Seriously, I would so love to attend.Keep us posted.

  12. You're making progress...love it!

    So what does Stewey (and his mama) think of PanAm? I like the show, but miss Brothers & Sisters!!