Sep 29, 2011


Here in Hoosierville, we have a sportscaster named Angelo Decarlo. He's adorable, he really really is, but he has a very distinct speech habit that drives me up a tree. His broadcasts start out well enough...reporting on the day's sporting news, etc. etc., but after about a minute, his voice starts to elevate and he goes into full on Howard Co sell mode with the HE...CAN...GO...ALL...THE....WAY!!!!! And the rest of whatever he's saying is very very loud indeed.

(Aunt Chrissy and I also think it hilarious that when he broadcasts from Notre Dame stadium after a game and he's the only person in the place...he still hollers. Invariably, every single time Angelo comes on the TeeVee, I'll call Aunt Chrissy and say "Why is he screaming at me?" and we'll have a giggle.)

After I tucked Stewey in for his afternoon nap, I crept up to the studio so that I could catch a glimpse of the trial spectacle. (California v. Conrad Murray).

You guessed it.

Screaming. Every single freakin' commentator felt it necessary to scream at me for a full eight seconds before I came to my senses and turned the damn thing off. (Note to Jane Valez Mitchell....PLEASE, for the love of God! switch to decaf! And while you're at it, switch your BFF Nancy Grace to decaf too! And Vinnie Pollitan! All of you! DECAF, people! DECAF!

I'm happy to report that the threads that I ordered arrived in the mailbox yesterday! (I have no idea how Miss Linda from House of Stitches did it, since I'm pretty sure that I ordered them and then four and a half minutes they were delivered, but what do I know about the way things work anyhow)?

So here's the update:

I'll leave you with a snap of Stewey's toy basket. I turned it over so that he could play freely with everything in it, and I have to confess that I've really enjoyed watching his little heiney wiggle as he pounces into the middle of all of those toys and then tosses them all over the living room. (You'd think he was actually a real dog.)


  1. I just don't understand why all those toys are in such perfect condition. In my house, they are mangled, missing eyes, ears, legs and other body parts as well as most of the stuffing and definitely the squeeker. That Stewy is just so refined!

    And your stitching is marvelous as usual.

  2. And I thought that my dog's six or eight toys were, how does he choose?

    Love your progress and glad you received your fibers so quickly; be a shame to slow your progress!

  3. I agree with you DECAF! To bad the microphones didn't have a built in noise reduction for when the volume starts to rise the mic goes lower.

    Your stitching is coming along nicely.

    Look at all those toys. Lucky dog. Isn't so much fun to watch them play though?

  4. At my new job, the trainer is like that. A cheerleader on steroids, her next job should be a high energy aerobics instructor.

    Your stitching looks great.

  5. Your stitching is coming along beautifully. Are you using the needle minder to hold the pattern there at the top of the piece? Am I a real numbskull for never thinking of that? Does every other sitcher know that already and I am hopelessly out of the loop? I'll give a shot this evening when I have some stitching time.

  6. Dear SS - My husband can access this blog (handily accessible on my bookmarks toolbar, thank you very much!)on my home laptop. Why would you post a picture (toy box) shows NO dog hair along your floorboards??? Why, SS, Why????? I've got him believing that dog hair is where puppies come from and it's not good to sweep such things up....

    (lovely stitching, by the way...)

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks JVM is overly loud. Sometimes I flip by her show at night and see her ranting to herself in her loud voice and just have to laugh.

  8. For Thine is looking great! So glad your new threads arrived quickly. I thought the Camofudge fabric would be too dark, but now that I see yours, it's just perfect!

  9. Dear Coni,

    Love your blog, and of course Stewie! I agree with Casa Pearl--Our dogs' toys are slowly dismembered and destroyed! Quite a shock to walk in to find the "Quacker" duck headless, with the innards (the quacker part) lying outside....

    I so enjoy your writing, and Stewie's, that I went back to the beginning of your blog and read it all. Thanks for all the smiles and giggles you give us!


  10. You are an inspiration. Early in September, when you took us on a tour of your Autumn redecorating, you mentioned a little sign that read 'Witch & Famous'. Thank you, it inspired me to stitch this for my sister as a gift. Although I'm giving it to her tomorrow, I've just posted it on my blog - bronnysbits.blogspot
    Thank you for your humourous insight to life. I enjoy watching your stitching grow, and enjoy Steweys adventures and attitude.
    Hubby often asks me what I'm chuckling at when I'm reading your blog.
    Happy Stitching....bronny

  11. Love this stitchy piece you're working on. Well-done. Love the visual of Stewey having fun with his toys. Hope you are having a terrific weekend. :) Cathryn

  12. Oh many toys. Does Stewey have a favorite?
    Beautiful stitching as always!