Aug 15, 2011


I make it a habit to go back a day or two to review my posts. Sometimes I crack my own self right up, but other times I am so ashamed at my ridiculous bitching that I have to go sit on the naughty step to think about things for awhile.

Thus the predicament that I find myself in today. I am feeling very sheepish that in light of all of the truly serious stuff in the world that's wrong and sad and broken, I'm bitching about house painters and colonoscopies.

I owe a very big fat apology to the lovely young gentlemen who painted my house, because the results are spectacular. The leader of the crew showed up early Saturday morning to paint my front door, and after talking with him I realized that he really wasn't so bad after all. (This crew was from one of the high schools here in the area, and their boss/mentor is the drama teacher. Most of these guys were recent graduates who will go on to study the arts in college, so instead of the miscreants that I thought I was dealing with, they were the cast of Glee.)

It also turns out that there is a right way and a wrong way to paint a door. (Yup. It had been painted the wrong way.) So now I have a beautifully painted Black Forest Green front door and a lovely sagey green on the cedar. Looks like a brand new house.

(That'll teach me to judge a book by it's iPod-wearing Red Bull-swilling cover.)

My "procedure" went well. The only complaint I have with Dr. Mark is that he tells you something funny or interesting at the exact moment he's injecting the knock-out drugs, so you end up with the fact stuck in your head for the better part of a week or so. (Kind of like when a hypnotist can get you to squawk like a chicken whenever you hear the word "broccoli".) One time I wandered around for a week thinking about Iceland because he told me he was going to quit his practice and move to Iceland (he didn't, thank goodness, but I couldn't stop thinking about Iceland). This time, he made the mistake of telling me that he and his wife got to meet Chef Robert Irvine down at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. (Like y'all, Dr. Mark knows my feelings on THAT particular subject.) So I've been thinking about my beloved and walking into walls all weekend long.

(But that didn't stop me from having a Jeffrey Dean Morgan movie marathon into the week hours of the morning while reassuring Stewey that I don't need a therapist to help me get rid of my crazypants obsession with the guy.)

(Hey. A spinster's gotta do what a spinster's gotta do.)

On the stitchy front, I finished Shepherd's Bush Beekeeper's Cottage:

And worked a bit on Needle Delights Originals Aquamarine:

And tonight I will start this lovely piece:

Stewey sends his love. He's started suffering with his seasonal allergies, so most of the morning has been spent in the office chair trying not to gnaw his little feet:

My heart goes out to the folks that were at that concert in Indy. Every time I see the footage of that stage coming down and the crowd then rushing forward to try to help the victims, I get overwhelmed by the thought of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. One of the people in the grandstand was interviewed, and he said that as the crowd started running, he thought that there must be a tornado coming, but he then realized that they were all running TO the stage to help, not FROM the stage to save themselves.

I can't imagine what that must have felt like.


  1. Love that Prairie Moon design!
    My hubby builds stages like that one so he was as shocked as you to see it fall. You half-expect it in countries without good H&S standards but not in America.

  2. Aquamarine is looking fab!!! I am going to stitch that next after Strawberry Shortcake. Well wishes to Stewey in dealing with this allergies.

  3. Coni your stitching is so beautiful. I read your post with laughter and heavy sighs. Can't wait to see the Prairie Moon piece.

    There's a wrong way to paint a door? Uh-Oh....

  4. Glad everything is alright with your plumbing. Tell Stewey that allergies are a seasonal thing and will be over soon.
    Your stitching (as always) looks great.
    My prayers also go out to those injured (or worse) at the State Fair.

  5. Lovely new finish!

    Glad that things have turned out well (paint and doc visist).

    Happy Stitching!

  6. As usual you have done a fabulous job on the stitching. We recently had our roof replaced, and mom (who lives next door) had hers done also. I am still laughing at her following one of the roofers around just talking his leg off and the poor guy didn't even speak English.

  7. OH NO! I think I NEED that Prairie Moon. Big Sigh! What fabric is that? Weeks Tin Roof?
    I have a hunk of that and it is calling my name. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing and making me laugh OUT LOUD!

  8. Coni - I've done Thine is The Trick and The Treat. Kinda watch the picture on the front and the actual pattern. They are different. And there are some mistakes on the pattern. But, it is an awesome piece and looks fab in the stitching room!

  9. I so love all the projects you do! And I must say that I'm "jealous" at quickly you make all your wonderful treasures! I want to be like you when I "grow up" (may that never really happen!! lol). Will you do Prairie Moon in black or go out on a limb and find another awesome - yet dark - color?

  10. I love your new start and can't wait to see it finished (as you do such quick stitching). Your progress on your needlepoint is beautiful, as well as your finish.

    Glad to hear your procedure went well!

  11. I love your Bee Keepers cottage, wondering how you will finish it? Frame or wall hanging style?
    I have a slight addiction to Shepherds Bush Designs, can't help myself so this will be another design on my to-do list!
    It is so comforting to know you got good results from the medical procedure, for you and us fans in blog land. Aquamarine is looking wonderful.
    Love to Stewey and I hope he feels better soon, poor little guy.

  12. I personally think that Jeffry Dena Morgan his very self should show up to paint your house, but hey, as long as the guys who did show up did a good job, I guess that's all that matters! :)

    I always love peeking in on your blog and seeing what you're smoking needles are stitching - you always pic the most delicious designs and I enjoy watching them come to life!

    Tell Stewey "God Bless You" when he sneezes and make sure you treat him to those tissues that have the lotion inside them - he deserves nothing less. :)

  13. Good to hear that your procedure went well and that your house is nicely painted.
    LOVE you stitching. Congrats on your beautiful finish. Love your WIP and your new start looks great too. What fabric is it? Love that color too.
    Hug for little Stewey

  14. I love the colors you picked for Aquamarine, and the Prairie Moon design is going to be fantastic. I hope Stewey starts feeling better, its been an awful year for allergies.

  15. Glad to hear your optimistic post. Sorry to hear Stewey is suffering with seasonal allergies. So am I. Sending sympathetic prayers for his endurance. :) Cathryn

  16. Glad your ship has righted itself. I blame the recent lack of good manners on the full moon. Seems to make me a raving lunatic sometimes.

    Your stitching is lovely! I have the Prairie Moon piece kitted up to start but haven't committed to it. What is your fabric, it looks different.

    Have a great week!

  17. I am glad that you are off the naughty step - you really didn't need to put yourself there...

    Stitching is beautiful I LOVE the Aquamarine!

    That video is really scary - I was touched by how obviously moved Govenor Daniels was about the amazingly brave reaction of the crowd,as was I.