Jul 23, 2011


So there I was....minding my very own business, when Aunt Chrissy decided to drop by for a visit.

Well. OK. She actually came over to deliver the contact lens solution that I called her about as she was standing in the Target waiting for a prescription to be filled.

ME: "Hi, Aunt Chrissy. Can you pick up some contact lens solution for me?"

AC: "Why didn't you get it last night when we were here and you said you were absolutely positive that there wasn't one more thing you needed every single time I asked you if you were sure there wasn't one more thing that you might need but were forgetting?"

ME: "I forgot".

So she came to deliver the contact lens solution and then we had meatloaf sandwiches. This, of course, naturally lead us to a discussion of her new cell phone's ring tones.

AC: "I've got you programmed with the music from The Soprano's, but we need to change it. What do you want to be your theme song?"

ME: "What are my choices?"

AC: "For you? Well, here's a small list that I came up with: Here I Go Again , Don't Fear The Reaper, She's a Brick House, The Bitch is Back, and my personal favorite for you...Crazy. What'll it be?"

Subtle, isn't she?


  1. I love all those songs - and would use several as ring tones - does that say something about me?

    So what did you choose?

  2. I think Stewey's ring tone should be: Who Let the Dogs Out.

  3. So which one did you choose?

  4. You are absolutely hilarious.

    Don't you just love friends like that?

  5. Some days I'd swear all of this is true....

  6. heheheh I'm not sure what mine would be either ..lol love mouse xxx
    p.s what did you chose ???

  7. Mine used to be "Ice, Ice Baby..." and... "Get this Party Started." Personally, I like Brick House! Love that song!

  8. She's a Brick House - who wouldn't want that LOL CJ OK ;-)

  9. My personal favorite for my 'sista' is from Sister Sledge: We Are Family (I got all my sisters with me). But, if you must stick to the list, my vote is for Brickhouse! Gotta love that song..

  10. LOL. That's hilarious.
    What was your choice? Curious minds want to know

  11. I love the song 'crazy', but don`t know what it would sound like as a ring tone. What did you choose?

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...

  12. LMBO! Subtle indeed! Love it. :D Cathryn

  13. Never having had a sister, I totally imagine one to be totally subtle....not! Fortunately, I have a girlfriend and a cousin who have reached sister status--sisters by choice. :-) Of your ring tones, I'd consider "Brick House" to be the ultimate compliment and choose that one. Hope you and the Stew are keeping cool. We here in southern AZ have to grin at people who think 95 is hot. Although your humidity must make it totally miserable. We are supposed to be a cool 95 today with about 60% humidity and monsoon thunder showers this afternoon.
    Hugs to you, AC and Stewey,
    Pamela (Tucson, AZ)

  14. Love those song choices! I saw a great cushion "I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it!"

    Did we find out where the Travelling Granny is off to next? I seem to have missed her departure, was there a ticker tape parade?

  15. Ohmigosh! Don't call me! Those are the same one's that I have!!! I won't know whether or not I'm calling myself!

    Subtle, indeed, Aunt Chrissy!
    Barb in Syracuse