Jul 12, 2011


I find it amazing that I happened to be stitching the F last night. You see, Aunt Chrissy and I went to the Targets for the prescriptions that we were supposed to pick up on Saturday, and after we went to the sushi place, we went back to her house so that I could wash some underpants.

(No, I don't normally require adult supervision while doing laundry....it just so happens that I now have a new washer and dryer sitting in my laundry room awaiting the installer guy to come figure out how to get the water into things properly.)

(And yes, I'm supposing that there will be a lot of posts about said washer and dryer coming your way, since both have more buttons and gizmos and whatnot than your average space shuttle.)

(I'm not complaining, mind you. Without said washer and dryer, I'd be down at the river beating my clothings against a rock. So yes, I am EXTREMELY happy and thankful for the serendipitousness that is my little sister's professional life. What can I say? She hooked me UP!)

Anywhoose....Stewey and I were at Aunt Chrissy's doing a load or two, and I sat on the couch stitching the F while Aunt Chrissy tried to get her cable box fixed. When she came home from work yesterday, the cable box in her living room was kaput, but the actual cablevision seemed to be working fine in the other rooms of her house. So she assumed (like I would have also) that it was a cable BOX problem and that the nice Comcast lady could send a magic signal to it and all would be well.

Aunt Chrissy was on hold (the first time) for about 37 minutes. And then when she finally did get "Andy" on the phone, he told her that it was a cableVISION problem and that they were working on it and that the storms had affected the service in our area, blah blah blah. So Aunt Chrissy tried to explain that it didn't seem to be a cableVISION problem, but rather a cableBOX problem, and could he please send a magic signal to it and fix it so all would be well.

It wasn't.

(Hence, the appropriateness of the "F".)

So Aunt Chrissy futzed and futzed and disconnected and then reconnected and then hauled and moved and plugged and unplugged all of the various cable things in her house until she proved that it was not, in fact, a cableVISION problem, but rather a cableBOX problem as she originally reported.

So she called them back.

Another 40 minutes or so on hold, and she got a nice lady named "Felicia". Felicia seemed to understand the problem a bit better than "Andy" did, but alas, cableBOX fixedness was not to be.

(Again, with the "F".)

So we watched a little of the TeeVee (in black and white only, mind you), and then it was time for Stewey and I to pack up the now-cleaned underpants and head for home.

I think what struck me about this whole adventure was something that Aunt Chrissy said to Felicia after trying to figure this whole mess out for the better part of an hour: "You know, Felicia. All I wanted to do was come home and sit in my chair and watch television and do my needlework."

That's all.

She's a woman of very simple wants and demands, and yet somehow the universe wasn't able to accommodate even THAT little request.

When I woke up today I decided that I was going to unplug my cablebox, haul it over to Aunt Chrissy's house, and then re-plug it into her TeeVee, but I remembered what she told me at Christmastime when we got these new TeeVees. "If I ever catch you doing anything other than turning this damn thing on, changing the channels, or adjusting the volume, I'm going to break your fingers. One by one."

Considering how much I'm enjoying my Daisychain ABC's sampler, I figured I would need to have unbroken fingers, so my cableBOX is going to stay exactly right where it is and Aunt Chrissy is welcome to come over here to watch television and do her needlework until the nice people at Comcast can go to her house to make things right for her once again.

So that's the Tuesday report from here in steamy Hoosierville. Stewey sends his fondest regards and says that although he is feeling a little better, he does think that the sniffles are the result of allergies and NOT a summer cold, as I had earlier reported. So meds are now on board and he'll be back to his cheerful little self very very soon.


  1. Well------the F is looking good!!!!
    Hope Stewey is feeling better soon.

  2. Aren't monopolies grand???

  3. I am always amazed at how little cable company tech support understands the cable technology that they use. Of course, I feel that way about a LOT of support lines.

    That sampler is beautiful! As is the "F", despite the situation.

  4. I guess sometimes that the magic just doesn't work. It is also amazing to me that some people want a LOT and seem to get it, while those with simple needs don't. Who decided that was fair? F is so appropriate sometimes. And it does look good too.

  5. Lookin' good!!! Poor Stewey...hope the little guy gets to feeling better very soon.

  6. Well, your F is looking good Coni!! I would not even be tempted to unplug anything on our new big screen TV. It`s somehow menacing...all big and black and staring down at me. I have to summon courage just to turn it on. I figure if it blows up it`s big enough to take me with it! Then there is the time I was dusting the one upstairs while it was on, got a huge shock (ouchie) and blew the pick-up thingy so the box had to be replaced. That was a trip to Comcast to discover they didn`t have a box thingy and had to mail us one. F. I feel Aunt Chrissy`s pain.

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...

  7. oooo looking good :) sorry to hear bout Aunt chrissy's teevee .. i can't help either as i couldn't even figure how to turn ours on the other day...please note never normally watch it too busy stitching ..lol.... glad to hear sniffles can be cured with some antihistamines ... hope things get back to normal soon :) love mouse xxx

  8. That F is looking gorgeous.
    Hope your poor sister gets her tv problems sorted soon. Aren't those things annoying?

  9. Ooh. Oooooh. Oooooooh, I love those letters! Particularly the F.

    Just don't watch TV. I should think you two have enough stories in your head to keep you entertained whilst stitching.

  10. You've had a busy few days! What with the horrific accident in front of you and then all the nasty things that happen in life, like washer/dryers, cableboxes etc.

    I'm glad to read you and Chrissy are handling it all like girls with spirit. Glad you have each other close by.

    I'm also glad to hear Stewey is doing better. Hope the meds help.

    Love the crewel piece. Happy stitching!