Jul 7, 2011


So there I was....minding my own business sleeping in the big girl sleigh bed, when I heard some sniffling and snuffling under the covers. I sleep on my side and Stewey sleeps right beside me with his little nose tucked between my ankles and his arms and legs wrapped around my calves. (If you need a visual, imagine a white squirrel, wearing pajamas, clinging onto the side of a very fat and pasty white tree. With stubble on it.)

I was about a third of the way awake when he peeped his head out, gave me a miserable little sigh, and then sneezed all over the pillow.

I never knew that dogs could get head colds. As a matter of fact, if you would have told me that MY dog would get them regularly and then demand to be left alone so that he could sleep it off on his little perch, I never would have believed it. And if you would have told me that I would be providing said dog with fresh handkerchiefs, tea, and toast to make him feel better, I would have told you that you were indeed crazier than I am.

But here we are.

I've made a little bit of a start on the third to the last block of Stars. I'm hoping that I might finish it today so that there is the possibility of getting the last two blocks done before the end of the weekend and then the final sashing and borders done sometime next week. That would mean that I'm a full two months ahead of schedule. Is that even possible?


  1. Poor Stewey - I hope that he feels better. I didn't even know that dogs could get colds.

    And you know that I'm just drooling all over Stars don't you? Hmmm, that visual is probably just as unpleasant as Stewey sneezing all over the pillow! :o)

  2. Poor Stewey. Hope he's better soon.

    Love, love, love your colorway on Stars. It's such a beautiful design, and you've enhanced it with your choices. I can't wait to see it finished. I have serious stitch envy.

  3. I'm blown away by your "Stars"!

  4. So sorry to hear that Stewey is under the weather. My Chloe gets the sniffles too. Buster gets them, but usually only because he's sniffed some foreign object into his larger than life nose!

    Saw this: http://thevintagemagpie.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341e0a9c53ef0154338a58ad970c-pi

    and thought you may want to see it too!

    LauraB in Utah

  5. You are a woman of a mission with Stars!

  6. Thanks for the progress update, Coni. What a beautiful piece - and to stitch it between Memorial Day and Labor Day - with the 4th in the middle - being red, white and blue and all! It is really cool! Hope Stewey is doing better. Boy your descriptions certainly ALWAYS provide me with such a visual - and I laugh - out loud! Thanks for the creative, talented stitching to see and writing to read!

  7. My cats get the sniffles all the time. They share with each other, and then they share with me. So sweet.

    Hope Stewey feels better soon. And your stars piece looks gorgeous.

  8. Awwwwwwwwww poor Stewey. He just can't catch a break can he. :( Beautiful stitching piece, just about the prettiest piece I've seen. Great work with it. hugs & prayers to Stewey. Cathryn

  9. Mother, I think a hot toddy is in order for Stewey and make it snappy

  10. Awww....poor thingy. I hope Stewey will feel better soon.
    Lovely stitching as well.

  11. awwwwww poor stewie .. its not nice when they get colds :( lots of tlc and warm cups of tea along with lots of little tissues for his dainty nose being sent now :) (lovely stitching as always and happy dance re the schedule :)love mouse xxxx

  12. Your stitching always makes me drool. Such talent...WOW!!

    Poor Stewey. Get better soon little man.

  13. According to our vet, certain breeds are more susceptible than others. We had a beagle who got them all the time. But our lab and the mutts never get them.

    Stars looks amazing. That's great that it will be framed on the wall ahead of schedule.

  14. Love and Get Well Wishes to Stewey.
    He may find Ginger Tea with honey beneficial, and maybe a hot water bottle as well.
    A few drops of Eucalyptus oil on his handkerchief may also help, or is this just something we do in Australia?
    Stars is looking wonderful, can't wait to see it framed.
    Miss Molly sends a kiss to Stewey.

  15. My doggie came down with a massive case of hayfever a few weeks ago. My vet said this particular allergy usually makes itself known when pups are 3 to 5 years old. But an antihistamine 2x a day for a week or so, and she was good as new. Could it be allergies rather than a cold? Hope Stewey gets better soon, regardless!

  16. Wow. Poor Stewey. It must be like being with a toddler who can't let you know how miserable he feels except by whining... or giving you that accusing look that my Grace Kelly (for instance) is so good at. Feel Better Stewey!

    Stars is looking so amazing!