Jun 22, 2011


Please forgive the delay in sending Madame Muriel on to her next unsuspecting victim. (Um, I mean hostess.) I was all ready to stuff her into an envelope (um, I mean, carefully package her in her traveling compartment), when Aunt Chrissy pointed a few things out to me.

"You know", she said as nicely as she could given the circumstances of having to put up with me (and my little dog too) on a daily basis, "People are going to think that the only thing that this part of the state of Indiana has to offer is spoiled rotten little dogs in smoking jackets, sushi restaurants, and a Michael's. That's rather unfair, don't you think, especially in light of all of the negative publicity that South Bend has been getting about being such a crappy place to live."

I did what I always do in these situations. I hung my head in shame and promised to get my proverbial act together and just go out of the damn house already for something other than newspaper retrieval or a Target visit. I decided to really go show Madame Flat Flossie Her Very Self the sights around these here parts.

And then it got hot and humid.

I mean hot and humid enough that when I took Stewey outside for a constitutional, he asked me if we had moved to some sub-tropical place in the middle of the night and whether or not I had appropriately altered my Clinique three-step to reflect the changes in the atmosphere.

So visiting attractions and photographing them and writing about them has been ceremoniously pushed to the big fat back burner with hopes that Aunt Chrissy and I will be able to spend a few minutes on Saturday tooling around with Muriel stuffed into the Vera. (Um, I mean, with Muriel happily along for company.)

As final evidence of this, you will be happy to know that I called the South Bend Chamber of Commerce today and asked the seven year old intern who answered the phone in the Convention and Visitor's Bureau if she would be kind enough to send me a guide. We'll see what comes.

On the stitchy front, progress continues on Stars. I finished up the Ava Gardner block after several nights of extreme angst, but seem to be plowing through Marlon Brando lickety split:

I am still enjoying this piece immensely, and hope that the final result will thrill me as much as the stitching of it has. And may I just send you all a very big and very teary (and somewhat sweaty) THANK YOU for all of the encouragement and lovely comments that you've sent my way about this one? I can hear you out there cheering me on to the finish line. Woo Hoo!

That's all for now. I really should go see what Stewey is up to. His back is feeling a little better, I think, but he and I are having some really really bad "getting along" issues. If I can get him out from under the big girl sleigh bed, I think I need to issue an apology and kiss him a few times on his little nose. He is, after all, my Stewey Little, and I need to keep reminding myself that life without him would not be worth living.


  1. I'm sure Madame Muriel will have a fantastic trip around South Bend.

    Hope the weather cools down for you.

    Your Stitching piece is gorgeous. There is so much detail with it. Wow your doing an amazing job.

  2. ooo hope you manage to squeeze in a few more sights :) your WIP is looking fab :) and give a hug to stewie from me :) love mouse xxxx

  3. I love, love, love the colorway on your versions of stars. This is turning into one terrific piece.

  4. This is beautiful! I don't do needlepoint (or, as I was sternly admonished, "canvas stitchery")but am so happy to see the beautiful projects you do. Wish I could see it up close to really appreciate your stitching. Thanks for the show & tell.

  5. In all my visits to relatives, I always thought the South Bend was really pretty. There were tons of beautiful green trees shading all those wonderful front porches. Are the lightning bugs out yet??? Ohhhh what magic they are!!! We don't have anything like that west of the Rockies. Hot and humid is not very fun but the skin sure seems to love it. Here in Tucson, AZ the temp will be 109-111 today with 6% humidity. I feel like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown. Instead the dirt of ages following me around, it's all my dried up and flaking skin. This weather just sucks the moisture out of everything. I'd really love to see some pictures of South Bend.
    Pamela (being desiccated in Tucson)

  6. Marlon is a fast stitch. It's funny that I thought maybe I was just getting better at this piece when I came to that block, but no, that was just Marlon fooling with me.

    I feel for you. We're in the sub-tropics, too. Even at 7 a.m.

    I've got things that may never get planted.

  7. Yep, I love the Ohio mugginess too!

    Your Stars piece is beautiful!

  8. I don't blame you for not wanting to go out in the humid weather.. I hate it myself.

    Am just lovin' your Stars. It really looks incredible!

  9. Your stitching is simply beautiful. I just can't see to be able to work with canvas and specialty threads.

    I'm very worried about Madame Muriel going out and about in such weather! Her heavy red Christmas attire is not suited to such hot and humid weather. May I suggest that she change her apparel to something more appropriate for summer? I'd love to see pictures of the university and Muriel visiting with the Irish mascot - Addie

  10. I just love love love your blog. You are a fantastic stitcher with such great taste in canvases. Can't wait to see pictures of Sound Bend - no pressure.....

  11. Going out in hot humid weather is no fun. Can't blame you there.
    Your WIP is looking fantastic. Love those stars.
    Hopefully Stewey is feeling better. Please give that little wiggle butt a hug and kiss from me as well.

  12. I love your stars Coni!! It`s just gorgeous! Tell the Stewster that I hope his back feels better soon.In my experiance, little dogs often pull muscles and hurt themselves cause they are so bouncy.

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...

  13. Stars is just popping! Keep cool, keep stitching! Keep blogging!!!

  14. Praying for Stewie's complete healing. hugs, Cathryn

  15. Stars is coming along great! It's gorgeous!

  16. Catching up with you, Coni (since I have been absent since February) Whew - you have been busy. I absolutely love Cirque de Fleur and your Rainbow Crunch. I can't wait to see Spring Quakers when you get it back from framing!

    Thanks too, in catching up I have had many smiles and a roaring laugh about your boobs being part of your stitching stand, when they're not in your shoes...What a hoot!