Mar 1, 2011


Aunt Chrissy needed me to run a quick errand over to her homestead this morning (a full 7/10th of a mile away), so I popped myself into Dottie Van Buskirk and away I went...pajamas and all. When I opened the door to her kitchen, my little baby puppy tot nephew, Bosco was there to greet me with his wiggly little heiney and his big brown eyes, and, being the sap and tender hearted fool that I am, I bundled him into the car for a Day At Aunt CJ's.

(You'll note that I called Aunt Chrissy for proper permission and made sure that the little guy had his Starbucks Visa card in his little wallet before taking off. On went the harness (for safety in the car seat, don't you know), out went the two of us for a quick bit of adventure.

We made our usual stops...the McDonald's drive through for a Happy Meal (Bosco gets a bite of cheeseburger the approximate size of my thumb nail), and then on to Starbucks for our usual...a Venti latte with and extra shot, low foam, and one packet of Splenda, if you please.

I used to go over to Aunt Chrissy's every Wednesday to get the little guy, and he and I would make this little trip as a means to a) bond together as only nephew and auntie can, and b) to give me an hour or so away from you-know-who. We enjoyed this immensely, but one day when we were all in the car together, Bosco started to go completely batshit crazy when we passed the little shopping plaza that houses the Starbucks, so that was the end of that. After a tearful confession that I had corrupted the little guy with cheeseburgers and caffeine, I was given a stern lecture by my sister about weight control and the fact that little Mr. Bosco had "weight issues" and needed to slim down.

What can I say? I just thought that both he and I were pleasantly portly together and that this would be a source of closeness that would carry us through to the college years. (Sigh.)

(You will note, however, that Bosco is, in fact, not at all portly and I don't think a little cheeseburger ever hurt anybody):

How does he do it? Every year, he seems to magically lose his "winter weight" just in time for swimsuit season:

So this brings me to today, when I seem to have lost my damn mind and decided that the boys needed some time together and that I just wanted to be able to come into the 'puter room to blog and play around without having to stop every ten minutes to change a sentence that doesn't pass the Little Lord Fauntleroy School of Proper Grammar and Writing test. (In other words...I figured that Bosco could serve as a little occupational distraction for the day and that I might get some peace and freakin' quiet.)

So far we've managed to knock over two (TWO!) potted plants, we've peed on the ottoman (Stewey, of course), we've pooped in the dining room (that would be Bosco), there has been growling and snarling and snapping and biting (both of them), and a whole lot of ("He played with my toy!" "He won't let me stand in front of the window!" "He's taking up all of the sun!" "Mo-ther. What's HE doing here?!"

I'm ready to head for the medicine cabinet and call it a day.

I made some pretty good progress on Rainforest Crunch last night and am, quite frankly, completely amazed that the colors are looking this cool. Believe me when I tell you that I didn't agonize over the selection or think about color theory or wonder if this would go with that. I just opened up Ye' Old Thread Drawers up in the studio and pulled things that caught my eye. (Did I mention that it was a dark and dreary day and that I apparently was looking for "cheery?").

(Oh, and thanks for pointing out my big fat Freudian....the fiber is indeed Silk & IVORY and NOT Silk & Ovary. Silly, silly spinster.)

Here's hoping that your Tuesday is a LOT quieter than mine! Woo Hoo!


  1. Oh, what a laugh your posts always give me. Lesson learned, my dear, lesson learned. No more Stewey and Bosco without Aunt Chrissy I am guessing?? Rainforest Crunch, words fail me. GORGEOUS!!! I think if we all got out of our own head about our stitching everything would go splendidly smoothly, don't you agree? Remember this the next time you putz around with picking threads. Just go with it.

  2. Can I come to seem to be having way too much fun over there.....
    Love the WIP..the colors are magnificent!

  3. Boys will be boys -- put them together and all h*]] breaks loose.

    Am thoroughly enjoying your progress on Rainforest Crunch. It's yummy and will certainly go with everything!

  4. LMAO!!! I love your posts about the little cousins. They are just too fun to read!

    Your Rainforest is beautiful! I think you chose an excellent blend of colors! Can't wait to see more...

  5. LMAO - what were you thinking? Two JRT's, both boys no less, are quadruple the work because they are JRT's! I would have done the same thing though...trying to be nice and let them play together. They do get territorial if they're not together all the time.

    Your heart was in the right place.

  6. Sounds like Bosco has you wrapped around his little paw! I wouldn't have been able to leave the little guy there, either.

    It's so much fun to read about the boys' antics!

    Rainforest Crunch is nice and cheery...just the thing to be working on when you're down to your last nerve! Just focus on the Happy Colors....

  7. Ohhhh dear me .... what can I say but boys will be boys and mmm a little bit of a cheeseburger never hurt any one as a treat ;) .... love the rainforest it is really bright and cheerful and I never noticed the faux par whoops love mouse xxxx

  8. LOL at Bosco and Stewey!! My min pin used to do the same thing...pitch a fit if we didn`t stop (for her it was Tim Hortons, the coffee shop...she wanted her Tim Bit. Doughnut hole for the Americans here). Stewey is lucky to have his cousin come and play!

    Love love LOVE your Rainforest Crunch. The colours are just gorgeous...good choices!

    Kisses to Stewey...

  9. For goodness sakes they are acting like a couple of my grown daughters have been acting towards each other the past month. Oldest one finally moved out of youngest ones house. Hurray! My phone is not blowing up anymore. Your stitching is lovely!

  10. "Silk and Ovary" completely destroyed me.... OH MY! That made my day!
    Am flabberghasted by your progress - you are rocking this one out! The colors are fabulous!
    Sorry to hear about the "presents" Stewey and Bosco left you... cousins will be cousins!
    WOOT WOOT to Colin Firth - Best Actor!!!!!!

  11. The dog story is just too funny. Love the colors you chose for Rainforest Crunch!!

  12. Wonderful colors for Rainforest Crunch. You should be helping needlework designers with your gift for color selection.
    Tell Aunt Chrissy that cheeseburgers contain calcium which would be very beneficial for Bosco.
    Did Bosco tell Stewey of your visit to McDonald's? Sounds like Stewey might be a tad jealous.
    Maybe' Stewey would feel better if he had a little visit to the kingdom of cheeseburgers.

  13. Those "seemed like a good idea at the time" usually end up to be quite a tale...LOL Still, you need fodder for your blog, and we are ready with a quick laugh, so thank you for your good ideas! I borrowed my sisters two boys at the same time for a week once...NEVER AGAIN!! They seemed to wreck the same kind of damage (except the poop and pea of course...) ROTFL LOVE the Rainforest Crunch conversion...maybe you should make conversions on dark dreary days more often! *Hugs*

  14. Hey Coni-
    1. Do you use a Laying tool on your work?
    2. If yes, do you have a stand you use to hold your WIP, or do you use a weight and the dining room table? Just asking, as I am a "Weight and Table" gal myself, and am looking to learn how others accomplish their Stitchery Perfectionary.

  15. Looking forward to seeing more Cheery Rainforest Crunch. Love those colours together.

  16. You do make me laugh reading about your day - especially the antics (and pressies?!!) from the boys!!!

    I am in love with the colours you have chosen for Rainforest Crunch - fantastic!

  17. Cheery! Very cheery. I love it.

  18. :) Makes you want to go hmmmmmm. Silly Spinster indeed. Thanks again for your delightful blog! :D Cathryn

  19. Love your color selection better than the charted one. Did you realize that you chose Orna Willis colors?