Mar 15, 2011


OK, before we get down to the brass tacks, a few items of housekeeping:

Dear Stitchy Friend Alissa wrote to me with the sad news that a pair of her beloved Ginghers were confiscated at airport security! Yikes! I'm pretty sure that I'd make the news with the hissy fit that I'd throw, but I'm sure that Miss Alissa was far better at comporting herself. So, can we help a stitcher out? Anybody know what the pattern name is for these beauties?:

Nextly, we have Miss Kathy, who has finally joined us here in Stitchy Blogville! Go check her out, but please don't blame me when you spend all of your pin money on some fabulous new charts:

Speaking of fabulous new charts, have you seen this bee-you-tee? It's a good thing that I don't have all of the necessary threads for it in my stash, or we'd be looking at WIP number billion and sixty two:

So, where have I been, you ask? Well, it all started innocently enough. I taped a few shows that I figured I'd listen to as I stitch, and lo and behold, one of them was Inside the Actors' Studio. I love this show, especially since it makes me appreciate how interesting it is to see movie stars up close and all personal like, and I'm always curious how it is that they can get nervous in front of an audience. (Let's pause a moment while the rusty gears of my very little brain grind to a halt while contemplating that one, shall we?)

Last night, I sat bewitched by this new (to me, anyway), handsome hunk of some deliciousness named Bradley Cooper. Where the hell has this guy been all my life? I mean, come on, I feel like I've been dipping into the most fabulous box of chocolates, and right there in the very middle of your Jeffrey Dean Morgans and Robert Downey Juniors and James Gandolphinis was this perfect little morsel of goodness that is EXACLTY what this poor lonely old spinster needed on a cold winter's night.

Holey Schmoley. The guy gave me a case of the vapours!

So CHE-LOW, Mr. Cooper! Please feel free to give me a call if you're ever in these parts, and I'll be happy to whip you up a meatloaf or something. (She says, while furiously batting her Tammy Faye Bakers at him shamelessly.)

But I regress...this is, after all, supposed to be a stitching blog.

Progress continues quite nicely on Rosewood Manor's Spring Quakers. I'm really enjoying this one in all it's soft Spring-like glory:

But, try as I might, I find my eyes constantly straying to this lovely that Aunt Chrissy gifted me with a few weeks ago:

I was going to jump in and start stitching it on Friday night, but I decided to use it as ransom (or, er, um, incentive) to get my house cleaned. So, as soon as every room has been put into proper order, the furniture has been polished, and the floors have been thoroughly washed, you can expect this one to make it onto the TeeVee tray next to the Happy Chair.

I am pretty sure that I've started Fascination at least a dozen times, but this time I think I finally got the right consistency of thread. The chart calls for Watercolours and Silk & Ivory, but for some reason my stitches look really "muddy" when using these fibers. They're just too darn thick for me, I guess, so I switched them out to Wildflowers and DMC floss. Much better:

Then, just as I'm starting to think that my WIP basket can't get any bigger, I start to think about these lovely little guys. Have you ever seen such perfect harbingers of Spring?:

I'm not the only one that seems to have caught the bug. Aunt Chrissy decided that she wants to learn how to quilt, and she has the perfect selection of charts from Miss Cheryl to tempt her:

All in all, not bad for a Tuesday. Stewey tells me that until he has unfettered access to the computer, he's going to boycott the entire Chex Spinster legislative agenda, much like our Hoosierville elected officials have decided to do these last four weeks. Can somebody tell me where I can get a job that will pay me to hang out at the Comfort Inn over there in Illinois?

Imagine the stitching that I would finish.....Woo Hoo!


  1. My sympathies to your friend on the loss of the Ginghers! Geez! Hmmm I'm thinking those might be the "Cassanda" set from 2004 although the photo I have of that pattern looks more on the aqua side than your photo does.

    Your Quaker WIP is looking great. I have no idea who Bradley Cooper is so I better check him out....

  2. Bradley Cooper - OMG!!!

    Go rent/tivo/ondemand The Hangover now. Stop reading -- GO!

  3. oh what a shame about the scissors ... stitching is looking lovely and well done for being brave and tackling the "H" word before the stitching .. love all those charts too :) love mouse xxx

  4. Poor Charlie Sheen! I think he's been thrown over for a new man. ; )

    Fear of overzealous security at the airport has long kept me from taking my stitching on my travels... fear, and an unfortunate accident involving the woman sitting next to me, a glass of water, and a rust spot on my sampler on a flight to South Africa a few years ago. Anyway, I hope your friend finds a suitable replacement for her Ginghers soon.

  5. I absolutly love the material your stitching on hun; and yes I do know Bradley Cooper is a "hunk" of "hunks"; but I have to say the sexiest man I've seen in a LONG time is John Morris on WWE; my DD had it on the other night and he came on and OMG!!! I almost licked the Tee Vee. LOL

    Hugs, Shar

  6. Coni, I found a pic of the Cassandra Ginghers and I'm pretty sure that's what those are in your pic. They're very pretty.

  7. I love all your choices of upcoming projects, but esp Garden Hoppin`! Must....have....that....

    Bradley Cooper...I knew I recognized him! If you go to his IMDB page you can see all the movies he has been in, and also he was in Alias. It`s a great show, and full of kick-a$$ action...Jennifer Garner is my hero!!

    Kisses to Stewey...

  8. Yummy is the word for Bradley Cooper, no doubt about that one.

    And you'll love DT's Alphabets. I'm slowly working on it with the hopes of finishing it this year. I do have to say that working with the perlee isn't my favorite, but the results are lovely.

    Love your Spring Quaker! I keep seeing it and falling in love with it. Must resist!

  9. Love your stitchy pieces, love your blog, LOVE Stewey. Me too! Wish I could find a job that would pay me to stay in a motel - I wonder if they would give me a choice of locations? Florida? Myrtle Beach? :D Cathryn

  10. Love Bradley Cooper. He was on my fav show with my fav actress... Alias starring Jennifer Garner. He is a cutie!
    Happy Stitching,

  11. All your wips are looking great Coni!! I love that new Drawn Thread sampler! It's so pretty (I've had my eye on it for awhile). Looking forward to seeing your start! :)

  12. Sorry about your friend's scissors, such a shame. I had to google Bradley Cooper, but when I did, he looked familiar. He is certainly a cutie! Your stitching is amazing and you are working on so many different cool designs!

  13. Sorry, Alissa, about your scissors. That must've been heartbreaking! I don't know the pattern name, but a friend of mine who reads Coni's blog, will know.

    And here's a tip for all stitchers: When traveling, especially air travel, I use the itsy-bitsy scissors that come in travel sewing kits. I take them out of the kit, put them in my project envelope, and they're always ready to travel. (They're dull-pointed so they don't damage anything.) Also, they're aluminum so no alarms go off and so tiny that they're not dangerous to anyone. The travel sewing kits can be found at craft stores (Michael's) or sewing/fabric stores (JoAnn's).

    Hope this helps stitchers that travel by air a lot.

  14. OK so I googled Bradley Cooper and I now see why you are all hot and bothered so please pass the fan!
    Love DT's Alphabets and yes you have enabled so I'm off to order it.

  15. Hi Coni! Every once in a while I like to catch up on your blog. Love your colors on your Rainforest. However, I'd like to add something for your "viewers" and maybe start a discussion about LNS's. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you visit Needle Delights Originals and want to spend your pin money, do so at your local stitching shop. I'm sure they carry Kathy's charts or would be happy to order them for you! Happy stitching!