Dec 20, 2010


I would have written sooner, but I've been planted in the Happy Chair, drooling like a neanderthal and gawping like a fish while watching the TeeVee. (No disrespect to neanderthals or fish, by the way.)

Stitching, suffice it to say, is rather difficult when you're cocking your head like a Jack Russell Terrier who is trying to understand what's going on while Jeffrey Dean Morgan sings softly to you from Ireland. I had not IDEA he was actually that handsome! I mean, I knew that my poor little squishy spinster heart beat madly for him (and several other man types, don't you know), but WOWEEEEE is he some gorgeous hunk of man candy!

Jeffrey Dean, of course, prompted me to go take a few gazes at Chef Robert, and then it was on to Kevin (that would be Costner), and I think I stumbled across some very major James Gandolphini and Robert Redford action when I viewed "The Last Castle" for the eighteenth time. Throw a little Tom Cruise and John Travolta in there, and you've got a very plausible explanation for the total lack of stitching progress (or homekeeping, or baking, or puppy keeping, or awareness of absolutely anything that was going on around me) for the last several days.

Who knew that a big piece of plastic could make a girl so darn happy?

Only a few boxes left to go on the Merry Christmas canvas. I believe that there was a question as to the provenance of this one...this canvas was designed by Raymond Crawford and was taught as a mystery class by the very fabulous Ruth Schmuff of Bedecked and Beadazzled fame. (Which is to say the there is absolutely NO way I would have ever been able to come up with all of the stitches and attachments and whatnot without some very serious adult supervision.)

Today is Target day. I realized with great angst that I had not yet purchased anything for my puppy tot nephew, Bosco when Stewey asked me to help him wrap his gift to the little guy. (It was rather sweet, actually. While I was riveting myself to the TeeVee, Stewey came out of his fort pushing a little box in front of him, and once he got my attention he asked for a little help with the Scotch tape. Apparently Scotch tape and furry forearms can be a problem.) So Stewey's gift is ready to go, but alas, I am giftless at this particular moment in time. I might also have to pick up a few odds and ends for Aunt Chrissy, since Santa Claus indicated that she deserved a LOT more than my paltry offerings thus far.

Happy Monday to all! I hope that you, too get some really good TeeVee watching in today!


  1. I have been enjoying the many Christmas stories on the Hallmark channel, which is so unlike me. I mean I hardly ever watch Christmas movies. I am sure that big plastic thing is wonderful, but don't forget to get your stitches in ...oh and Stewey may need something....

  2. Coni.....just wait until you find out about Blue Ray. You will really love the teevee then!

  3. "Merry Christmas" is looking very Merry and Bright!

    Enjoy your new TV and all...and be careful in Target today! Hey, it's better than going to Walmart!

  4. Stewey sounds like my Indy and her sisters Abby, Marcus, Matthew and Nosey . . . they had to get their presents wrapped for their daddy today . . . and what a FANTASTIC job they all did with the ribbon and curly bows . .. all without thumbs. How amazing :0}

  5. Wow, that canvas is amazingly detailed. I can see how you couldn't give it the attention it deserves without taking your eyes off of a giant JDM!!! Can't wait to see it finished, this one's a stunner.

    Good thing Stewie pulled you out of your reverie in time for you to realize you needed to pick up a little something for Bosco. My little one has two packages in her stocking and I happen to know her auntie is bringing a little something for her on Christmas Day, too. The good thing is they're pretty easy to shop for!

    Happy shopping!

  6. Just exactly where did you see JDM signing?!?!?! TELL ME NOW!!!

    And, oh yeah, Merry Christmas to you and yours..


  7. P.S.

    Merry Christmas is WONDERFUL! Love Love LOVE it!

  8. Just how big is the flat screen that you are so diligently watching? Shall I say that mine is bigger than yours at 55" - purchased by a man (husband)and watched by me mostly.
    Your stitching is great - I love the current piece.

    Happy Stitching!

  9. Coni - you are almost done. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Happy Stitching and Merry Christmas.

    Hugs to you and stewey

  10. Merry Christmas is bea u ti ful!!!
    :) Cathryn

  11. Ooohhh Coni, you have to get DVR on your cable/satellite service! It is AMAZING!!!