Oct 7, 2010


I made a very small dent in Black Cats and Flying Bats last night. The linen arrived at about 2pm, and within seconds it was measured, cut, binded, and slapped onto the q-snaps. (My postman thinks I'm a little nuts, but then again, he's used to seeing me out there in the lawn chair awaiting the Christmas ornament issues of all the mags each year.)

(Too bad he's not a stitcher, or we'd have something to talk about.)

(And, too bad he's so darn ethical....would it have been so wrong to tell me who else in this neighborhood gets mail from stitchy companies?)

Today I'm hosting my puppy tot nephew, little Bosco. From time to time his Aunt CJ likes to spend the day with the little guy, so Aunt Chrissy happily obliged, and we've got a big day planned. There will be the requisite chasing of the squirrels, some hearty growling and barking at Stewey, a few snoozes in the sun, and a field trip to both Starbucks and McDonald's. We normally have our date day on Wednesday, but I missed it yesterday due to some unexpected laziness on my part.

Oh who am I kidding? My laziness is never unexpected. You can pretty much set your clock to it.

I had hoped to clean the house to within an inch of its life today, but I feel that it's much more important to spend quality time with the dogs....reading books to them, watching Ina and Julia, contemplating the Christmas stitching basket....you know, all of the urgent matters that are at hand. Besides...last time I checked the Queen Mother wasn't coming for tea today, so the laundry and dust balls will just have to wait.

We're sliding head first into the weekend. I am very very anxious for Sunday to get here. Do you realize that it will be 10-10-10? I think that in the Far East they celebrate a 10-10 holiday (at least I think they do in Taiwan and that it's a very lucky day?), so I'm thinking that Sunday will be a good day to buy lottery tickets and plan the rest of my life.

Time to go. Methinks that snack and nap time need to be implemented immediately. (I hear a rather terse argument taking place over whether or not the boys will play baseball or bridge this afternoon, so I better get in there and referee.) Damn dogs.


  1. The dogs are most definitely more important than the cleaning! It will only just get dirty again, so why not let it stay dirty for another day? At our house it is now time for walk #2 in an effort to not have to look at it. You decide if that amounts to laziness or not. Have a lovely play day!

  2. Have fun with the Boys !!! I hear there is going to be record amount of Weddings on 10-10-10. I have been cleaning my Homestead today, and It is not all it is crack up to be!!! LOL You are having a better day.