Oct 14, 2010


I've been sitting here all morning trying to figure out how to articulate the overall thoughts, feelings, and reactions that are happening here at Chez Spinster as a result of the happenings of last night, but I'm at a loss.

At first I thought I would start with something pithy, like "Thank you, Chile, for showing the world how to behave". And then I thought about all of the things that could have gone wrong but didn't, and how it's just all the result of damn good planning, some very tightly-constructed teamwork and logistics, and then finally, flawless execution.

Then I started thinking about this in the context of life as a whole, and I realized that (in my humble and whack-a-do opinion) sometimes idiots like me shouldn't try to define or process or explain any of it.

So instead, I will summarize....

Last night as Aunt Chrissy and I bawled our way through the coverage, I started thinking about that very last rescue worker, and what it must have felt like when he sent that capsule up that freakin' tube for the second to last time. And then they reported that he was, in fact, the very first guy to climb in the damn thing to "try it out" to make sure that the whole system would work. As I pondered his mind-set and bravery and mettle and moral conviction and physical stamina and spiritual strength and professional expertise I looked at Aunt Chrissy and delivered what I think is my definitive explanation from my perspective:

"Aunt Chrissy? See that rescue guy sitting there in that mine waiting for that thing to come back to get him? Well, it's hard to believe that he and I could even be the same species."


The view from the Happy Chair this morning (this is my puppy tot nephew, Bosco):I'm pretty sure that he's thinking "Why does my mom think I'll have any fun here with this crazy woman and her prissy little dog?" right about now.

And to the left, we have the latest progress Moonlit Garden: Happy Thursday, everybody. I'm off in search of fluids to re-hydrate me. (Who knew you could lose so much liquid from your eyeballs in one 24-hour period?)


  1. Moonlit Garden looks fabulous!!

    Stewey looks so solemn and serious. Time to rejoice in life! Get out in the sunshine and chase that little cousin of his around the yard.

  2. I stayed up very late (in the UK) to see the last miner returned to the surface. I didn't make it through the six brave rescue worker though. That first/last rescue worker, you can only be filled with admiration for some one like him. But thank goodness that our species is made up of so many different types. Thank goodness we have the someone's like you too. Fortunately, we don't need heroes of that magnitude every day of the week, but I for one need someone to make me smile at least once a day.

  3. What an awe-inspiring event! Thank you for sharing your reactions and your stitching!

  4. Watching the miners return to the surface was just amazing! I too wondered what the last rescue worker was feeling/thinking while awaiting his turn.

  5. I have "lurked" on your blog for ages now and I've never left a comment till today. I think this wonderful rescue has touched everyone around the world. I love your posts and you constantly make me smile with your unique style of writing.

  6. We watched too, and I managed (just) not to weep copiously. What a heartwarming event! It just renews your faith in humanity. Love the stitching, and Bosco is nearly as adorable as Stewey!

  7. I love your Moonlit Garden Coni...and *whispers so Stewey doesn`t hear* Bosco is very handsome as well...

    Kisses to Stewey...

  8. I was glued to the tube through the night - made a sleepy day at work. Saw bits and pieces of it and it was amazing!

  9. I had the same reaction to the miners' rescue -- I couldn't stop watching it! I was at a quilting retreat, for pete's sake, and we stopped our sewing and yakking to stand and watch them come up. When that very last rescue worker was about to step into the tube, and he turned and waved to the camera, WE ALL WAVED BACK.

    Sigh. It was wonderful and inspiring and I cried with each and every guy.

    Who needs the Real Housewives when you have the 33 Miners?!