Oct 21, 2010


It seems to me that it has been quite some time since I've reported on the goings-on here in Spinster's Corners, so while my stupid mo-ther stands in the closet with her hands on her hips (presumably because she can't find anything to wear), I thought I'd give you a little shout out.

The first order of business is to report that the house positively stinks of garlic and shallots again today. Last night as I was tucking in to watch the news on the TeeVee, the woman that I live with (read: endure) went into the kitchen and concocted her evening meal. I can only assume that she used an entire head of garlic and at least a dozen shallots, because the smell in here is unbearable. Methinks she's taken this whole "I'm going to have roasted vegetables for dinner" thing too far.

Whatever happened to a bowl of popcorn and a nice little Merlot?

Anywhoose, I heard her talking to herself about the lack of Fall color around here and I imagine that she created a bowl of food that would represent all of the colors that would normally be on the autumnal trees. Personally, I think it looks like something she should be cleaning up off the rug after my little twerp cousin Bosco has been for a visit:
The need to add color didn't stop with dinner, though: From what I can tell, Mom broke out the artist's pencils that I got her for Christmas last year and decided to change the design up a bit. The original calls for only three colors, but it would seem that, again, we're trying to create some kind of autumnal color palette with thread.

I'm not sure why the colors were non-existent this year. It probably has something to do with the weather and how much rain the trees got and whether they are chloroforming or something, but I'm too busy these days to go look it up on the internets. All I know is that every time we go outside to play PUMPKIN (!), Mom just stands in the front yard and sighs heavily.

I'll leave you with a little self-portrait. I've been taking a class on hypnotherapy at the local community college, and so far the old lady has been a very easy mark. I just lay here on my perch and stare at her for a few minutes and suddenly she's off to the garage to clean the tires on the car or out to the back yard to rearrange the grass. Anything I can do to get her out of my hair is worth it in my opinion, so I might have to think about what else I can do with her under my spell. We're hurtling toward the weekend. I hope that you have fabulous plans in the works and that wherever you are is exactly where you want to be!

With love from you pal,


  1. I've been itching to stitch this piece but didn't particularly care for the colors once I pulled them. I tried coming up with alternatives but nothing really hit the mark. I'm liking what you're doing. Any chance you'd share your color line-up? Pretty please? :)

  2. Stewey,
    Thanks for the update..I say UCH!!!to what's in the supper dish....veggies...not fit for man or beast!! I do, however, like the colors for her stitching. Your perch looks very comfortable....would you share if I brought a holy Crap size bag of Beggin Strips with me and a handful of overdye floss to keep whatshername out of our hair??

  3. Stewey, I just love your little 'Flying Nun' ears! Stop giving your mo-ther so much flak! Her dinner looks yummy (to a non-carnivore) and the stitching is dee-vine like always.

  4. Colors are a good thing -- gotta love those colored pencils!
    Looking good.

    BTW, I just picked up my Quaker Diamonds - thanks for the enablement.

  5. OMG As a new reader, I had to laugh! I thought that you were talking about your mother or your mother in law! You would not know the horrible things that I was thinking and when I got to the end and realized that it was Stewie "writing" the post, I burst out into laughter (at 630am with daycare children around, and they are now looking at me funny!)

    You are awesome!!! Good job on the stitching!


  6. I love the way your color changes are looking on this piece. Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  7. Hi there,

    Have just stumbled into your blog:-)

    Can i say that dinner you cooked looks fantastic!! makes me rather hungry.

    Beautiful stitching work.