Oct 20, 2010


It occurred to me that I hadn't taken a peek into my stitchy basket in quite some time, so I took advantage of a perfectly made guest bed (thank you, Aunt Chrissy!) to see what's what:

This year's autumnal selection seems kinda small compared to those of years past, and seeing how I am on this whole "one at a time" kick, I'm not sure that these will ever see the light of day before I start hauling out the Christmas stuff and kvetching about how far behind I am with the whole celebration of the season thing.

At the top we have Ms. Laura J. Perin's Magnolia Collage. I loved this piece the moment I saw it, and now that I am reminded of how much I love it, there might just be some canvas work in my stitchy future today. (By the way....did you know that Ms. P is teaching her very first cyber class?! I am so excited about it that I am pretty sure she heard the WOOOP WOOOP all the way out there in California! You can check it out here: http://two-handedstitcher.blogspot.com/

The second row is: Shepherd's Bush Into the Night, Laura J. Perin's Autumn Kimono, and then Bent Creek's Big Zipper Live Laugh Love.

The bottom row is Blue Ribbon Designs Black Cats and Flying Bats, The Drawn Thread Autumn Arbor, and Shepherd's Bush Autumn Blessings.

Not too bad for an amateur, but I must say that I am amazed at my restraint this year. Normally, when I put together my basket for a season (or a day, depending on how crazypants I am at that particular moment), I have enough stuff in it to cover a football field. I must be entering a "minimalist period" or something.

(Now if I could just figure out how to do that with my menu selections, we'd be all set.)

Stewey must have wondered why I was standing at the end of the guest bed talking to myself, because he came to investigate: "Why are you standing at the end of the guest bed talking to yourself, Mo-ther?"

I suppose that's all I have to report today, other than the fact that I've just discovered that there is a real live Hoosierville right here in the great state of Indiana. Who knew?


  1. I love the Kimono design. Please work on it real soon ;-)

  2. Love the goodies from the stitchin' basket!! Want some more...check out my giveaway (ends Oct 30th)??!!


  3. I am pleased with all your selections for this fall.

    What is the Thistle Pillow at the top of the bed? I really like that one!

  4. I'm going to do the Laura J. Perin class as my first attempt into needlepoint. I'm pretty excited since I'd admired so many of her designs on your blog.

    That looks like a pretty nice selection of autumn projects.

  5. I always love it when I have time to go through my favorites and stumble onto your blog. You and Stewey always put a smile on my face. I go to the eye doctor this coming Friday and hope to get a better pair of reading glasses for crafting. Whenever I visit I always want to start stitching again or at least pull out a couple of unfinished items and finish them up.

  6. Lovely things in your stitching basket Coni..... you are finishing so many pieces recently - brilliant! Have a good day!

    Jackie x

  7. Beautiful projects... All of them! Look forward to seeing more ^.^

  8. Coni - It's all your fault! You have turned me into a stitching stalker. (Previously, I had no words for what I was doing.) I have never stitched a Halloween piece before, although they have intrigued me from time to time. Two weeks ago you started Black Cats and Flying Bats by Blue Ribbon Designs. I was besotted! I had to do this design! Luckily when I called the Busy Needle, they had the chart. I am now happily stitching away on the design. Thank you for the enabling. Pamela, Tucson

  9. I must say that you have been very calm lately. Maybe chasing one rabbit at a time is just the thing for you? Ask Stewey to translate, I'm sure he knows what I mean.

  10. Love all your wips! I always love seeing what's in your basket!! :)