Sep 9, 2010


My mom can't come to the blog right now because she can't lift her arms up to reach the computer keyboard. As she mentioned yesterday, she decided that there is such a thing as Fall cleaning after all, and I was subjected to about eighteen hours of grunting, cursing, and sweating. Never fear, per my instructions from Aunt Chrissy, I have her office number dialed on my cell phone and the 9 and the 1 ready to go on the house phone.

(Do you suppose that now would be a good time to tell my mom that she missed an entire portion of the dining room and that I accidentally peed on the wine cabinet, or should I save that little tidbit for another day?)

Anywhoose, we're off to a quiet Thursday here. Mom's got an appointment in about an hour, so I parked her in the tub and advised her to think about doing something with those Shrek-like legs. I know we're coming into cooler weather and this means that the peddle-pushers and crop-pants will be relegated to the back of the closet (thank God), but I'm trying to get the old lady into the habit of remaining stubble free. Based on the last few winters, though, I'm not at all optimistic.

Here's her progress on Quaker Diamonds:
I hope you have a fabulous day!

With love from your pal,


  1. Being prepared is always a good thing, Stewey! I would leave those little tidbits to yourself for the time being. Quaker Diamonds is looking fab! Stay cool, my friend!

  2. Quaker Diamonds is coming together so quickly! It looks amazing!

  3. Hi, sure love your stories, you should write a book, it would be wonderful and a best seller! Love, Love, Love your Quaker Diamonds. I have a question for you about your QD, don't know how to e-mail you! would you mind terribly to drop me a note at ?

  4. Stewey,

    Love your posts as usual! Your poor mommy! Please be kind to her. You really have no idea how hard it is to keep a house clean... :)

    And do you think that you can convince your mommy to post a photo of the Happy Chair? I would love to know a chair that makes one happy! :D


  5. Quaker Diamonds looks so wonderful! How does your mo-ther get so much stitching done and still manage to do all that cleaning?

  6. How do you manage to make a post about shaving your legs so entertaining?

  7. Oh, Coni, how I wish I could click my Size 9 tennies together and arrive at your front door. I so very much look forward to postings from you and Stewey. My housemate (Pearlie Mae the c-a-t) spends all her time sleeping so would love to have a friend like you to stitch with. I check my calendar each morning and am so happy when I don't have to shave my legs in readiness to go somewhere.