Sep 2, 2010


I'm all over the place today, so indulge me, won't you, as I make pithy observations about the happenings at Chez Spinster...

First up is one very peeved pooch. Last night was b-a-t-h night, and he has yet to forgive me for using "girl" shampoo on him:
"When is she going to figure out that I'm a boy?"

The offending spa product. (In my own defense, this stuff smells better than any living, breathing, or growing thing on this very planet. If I could drink it so that it would emanate from my pores, I would do so. Happily.)

I realized today that my little ort jars are more full than empty at this time of the year. Where the heck has 2010 gone? I wonder how much more coffee I would have to drink to make the picture be blurry-er?

To contribute to the whole ort jar experience, I continue to work on Quaker Diamonds:
Who's happier than me that I remembered to put last night's orts in the September jar?

The stitching goes very fast and the chart is fabulous! What you see here is all of section 7, most of section 8, and a little bit of section 9. Think I'll get this one finished before the real Autumn sets in?

As I mentioned, we're having a bit of rain here in Hoosierville today, so methinks it's time to hit the sleigh bed with a warm and fabulous smelling puppy and this:
Yes, I have a Kindle. But sometimes you need to hold a real book in your hands. Know what I mean? Besides, I bought this because I read an excerpt on the Kindle. So there.

Or I could put in my new yoga DVD and contemplate having a snack:
"Do you mind?! It's bad enough that I have that fussy little white dog staring at me all day, but can't a guy have a meal without an audience?"
"Oh, and thanks for the sunflower, by the way. I'll eat that for dessert."

Time for a nap. I hope that wherever you are is exactly where you want to be today! I'm going to leave the laundry room door ajar in hopes that the laundry elves will come in and get busy. Do you suppose that would work for the dishwasher too?


  1. I would think Stewey would appreciate a good quality shampoo, especially one with "man" in the title. LOL. Quaker Diamonds is continuing to look fab. I read Her Fearful Symmetry a little while ago. LOVED IT!!! Please post your thoughts on the ending, as I was left feeling a bit unsatisfied. But still a great book. It left me wanting to read more and more each night to figure out what would happen.

  2. Oooh, nice pup shampoo! Duffy has a kind that smells like oatmeal. I won't discuss the time that my mother visited and used it a few times because, well, it was on the edge of the tub and she didn't have her glasses on. We still laugh about it.

    Quaker Diamonds looks great!

    Like Danielle said, please post what you think about Her Fearful Symmetry. I wasn't sure about the ending and not sure if I liked the book. But I am still thinking about it, so maybe it was a very good book--even if it didn't end the way that I wanted it to end. ?!

  3. Your Quaker Diamonds project looks wonderful! And that picture of Stewey makes me want to curl up next to him with my stitching. I bet he secretly loves that shampoo:-)

  4. I haven't met a Philosophy bath wash that I don't like. LOL. Lucky dog. Quaker Diamonds is looking great.

  5. You are making such quick progress on Quaker Diamonds - looking GREAT. That is one big chart too. Stewey looks so cuddly - a dog that cute would never go on the drapes, right?!

  6. Quaker Diamonds is gorgeous! Her Fearful Symmetry? I read it very quickly because I guess I enjoyed it... but would I read it again? I don't think so. Let us know what you think.

  7. Oh please, send some of that rain down south - we haven't had any for weeks!

    Quaker Diamonds is fabulous! I've got to get my grubby hands on that one!

    Oh..,the laundry fairies never show up in my house -- that's why they all call ME "The Fairy Laundry Lady!"

  8. boy oh boy, if those elves show up and finish our chores, send them north a bit! Haven't read that book yet - will add to my list. I couldn't help but notice that you have an Elizabeth Berg on your shelf behind the ort jars - which one? She is one of the authors I can't get enough of! Love the progress on Quaker Diamonds and can't wait to see it finished! I'm sure Stewey will forgive you - and who doesn't like yummy smells!

  9. Quaker Diamonds looks great. I love the colors. The shampoo sounds yummy should try some on my Zander. Today seems like a fall and crisp. Summer is not over is it?

  10. Coni,

    I love how Quaker Diamonds is coming out - that Valdani floss is sure pretty! :D

    AND where did you get the ORT jars??? They are adorable! I don't have any, and wondered, do they inspire one to stitch more?

    Hugs to you and Stewey!

  11. Quaker Diamonds looks great! And Stewey looks so cute in that picture!

    Ok, just what is that monster in the last picture???

  12. Quaker Diamonds looks awesome! I think I'm going to have to succumb to starting this one soon as well - who cares if I have a million other projects on the go, another one won't make much difference will it? :P