Aug 7, 2010


Y'all are just too too kind to be so sympathetic about this whole "Gee, Spinster Stitcher, it's too bad but I'm afraid that your knee is now out of warranty" crisis. Truth be told, I'm actually quite fine and know in my heart of hearts that I will be back to my ornery self real soon. Too bad about that career as a world class triathlete, though.

Not one stitch was stitched last night because Aunt Chrissy came for Noodle Bowl (!) and then we went to the grocery store so that I could buy the following combination of items that made even the cashier wonder what the hell is wrong with me:

two Snickers cupcakes
a half of a blueberry pie
a bag of Jordan almonds
a bag of York Peppermint Patties (because I was hot and convinced they would cool me off)
a bag of extra thick Reese's peanut butter cups
diet Coke
Icy Hot gel in a special new applicator
Icy Hot roll for knees, ankles, and elbows

This particular shopping excursion rivaled those of my youth when I would slap a pack of ciggies, three bags of peanut M&M's, a bottle of wine, and an extra large package of "feminine needs" onto the conveyor belt and then dare anybody to ask me how I was doing. But alas, there was not one bit of P, M, or S last night. I just got some weird idea that what Chez Spinster needed was more junk that will sit on the counter for a month and then get thrown away.

Noodle Bowl is a new event that has been introduced into my ridiculous little life because of the SoHo Japanese Bistro down the street. Aunt Chrissy absolutely adores sushi and we've gone to this freakin' restaurant about a billion and a half times in the last two months. (See? Told you I exaggerate). Anywhoose....I can't do the whole raw thing, so one of the last times we were there I ordered a noodle bowl. It was lovely, so I did what any self-respecting spinster would do. I obsessed about it for two days and then dug out the wok and started making it for myself every night for dinner (and 10 p.m. snack time, unfortunately).

Although I would love to tell you that I know what I'm doing with this particular concoction, truth is that I just chop up a ton of veggies like celery, carrots, shallots, peppers, and whatever else is in the bin and then I stir fry it all up with soy sauce, Lipton onion/mushroom soup mix, teraki marinade and beef broth. The final crowning glory comes when I dump the entire thing over a pound of thin spaghetti.

Noodle Bowl. There you have it. (*)

That's the report for today. I'm planting my behind in the Happy Chair tonight, so hopefully I will have some pics of progress for you toot sweet!

(*) Stop that retching. Aunt Chrissy ate it and said it was pretty darn good, so consider that your Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!


  1. yummmmmmmm, that grocery list sounds like mine, except mine goes in my tummy instead of sitting on the counter for more that 2 days.....sad, but true... Your wok-concoction sounds good! Lucky Aunt Chrissy!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Interesting list of groceries! Be careful of those pesky jordan almonds though. I am now a proud new owner (well a few months ago) of a crown where one of my teeth cracked from one of those things! LOL

  3. One should never waste good junk food! I should know, I am the queen of junk food.

  4. This blog is definitely an interesting read - lol

  5. And my kids make fun of me when I eat headcheese! Hope the knee gets better, but I would definitely milk it to get some serious butt in chair time and have everyone dance around me seeing to my every need. Greetings from a former NJ'er. I never tire of hearing are you from Jersey, whats that smell.....Of course, the downside, Illinois pizza stinks and not many Dunkin Doughnuts.

  6. Your Noodle Bowl sounds dee-lish! Beats the Wiener Schnitzel and red cabbage my hubby HAD to have tonight. As for the knee, if it comes to it, we have one of the best joint replacement centers in the US in Huntington WV (about 20 minutes from me). I'd be glad to dust off the guest room for you!

  7. OH you make me laugh! You keep embellishing! I just love reading your blog! Set your hair on fire....size of a condo.....noodle bowls...Stewey....AND stitching...what more could I want!

    Thank you!

  8. Noodle bowl sounds yummy and yeah, I've made a few of those grocery store trips before too! LMAO

  9. Coni, you are a hoot! Snickers cupcakes? I've gotta get me some of those . . . NOW!

  10. Love the "Noodle Bowl" but I do it over rice!

  11. Noodle bowl sounds yummy! I love shopping for junk food, but with a crowd of teenagers, around, there isn't any sitting on the cupboard in my house and nothing ever gets thrown away, not even the wrappers!

  12. so did it work, the york peppermint patties cooling you down? I'd love anything that works and involves chocolate! I think you noodle bowl sounds fine...and pretty healthy.

    looking forward to seeing your progress...have a great week!

  13. Snickers cupcakes? I'm not telling my crazy sister about those.

    Please tell me they are not $5 each!

    I'm so sorry about the knee. I hope it can heal without the need for a replacement because OUCH!

  14. You don't do sushi? It is yummy and so good for you. At least that is what I tell my kids when they gag and roll their eyes at me. What does Stewey get?

  15. Coni, you have me in stitches of laughter every time I read your blog! I hope the knee comes good soon, even if it takes a bit of surgery.

  16. That sounds super taste-o-licious!!!!

    I may just borrow that recipe and spring it on old Rico one night!

    Thanks -


  17. Hahahahaha - thanks for the laugh.