Jul 22, 2010


So I sat down in the Happy Chair after dinner last night to start applying the new thread to the Maggie flower canvas.

"It's too dark", I said to no one in particular.

Then I tried blending a few pieces of the dark and a few pieces of the bright, but that didn't work either.

"It's too stripe-y", I whined. This time, Stewey popped his little head up from his perch and gave me a look that said "If you don't get your freakin' act together and just stitch already I'm going to go pee on the drapes."

Then I tried using some Flair that I had in my stash. Disaster. Pure, unadulterated disaster.

Just as I was about to give up on the thing entirely, I shouted "EUREKA!" and dashed upstairs to a very special container. (Well, I didn't DASH, exactly. It was more of a very determined waddle, but you get the general idea.)

A very special designer friend of mine (wink wink grin grin) sent me some fabulous fibers that were from her very own personal collection. In addition to being the most very special stitchy designer on the planet, she also hand-dyed a bunch of threads and was gracious enough to share them with little 'ol moi.

I ran right out and bought them their very own special container thingie, but aside from taking them out and lovingly petting them every now and then, I never imagined that I would actually use them. (I have this weird thing about "Oh, no. They're just too pretty to use! I need to save them for a special project.)

(This, of course, is why Aunt Chrissy and I have no less than eighteen different sets of "good" dishes between us and why I have "good" sheets that have never been out of the package they came in. I'm just a nutjob that way. God only knows what I'm saving all of this "good" stuff for, but it's somehow reassuring that if the Queen of England ever comes for a visit I'll have new stuff to haul out and use.)

So look what I found....the most perfect varieagated perle cotton that ever was:

I'm spectacularly thrilled and can't wait to use this as the perfectly perfect in every way solution to the bright green "situation".

At least until I change my mind in the next seven minutes.


  1. It's gorgeous thread and looks like it would be PERFECT. You have a good-to-you stitchy designer friend.

  2. I think it is perfect also. New reader for about a month now. You are amazing! Thank you so much for allowing us to read your daily escapades! I too have a sidekick by the name of Gizmo. He speaks pretty much in the same manner as Stewey. Amazing!

  3. Perfectly Perfect!!! Yay, say all!!

  4. Yes !!! That is the color !!! I am so glad you found just the right color !

  5. It looks like a perfit fit!

  6. I was very unsure about the dark green Coni...I`m glad you had the right threads in your stash. The drapes are safe...for now!

  7. Oh WOW, It will do the trick! Can't wait to see it stitched up, you will show us. Right? Love your blog it is so uplifting to read, thank you for making my day a happy one! Hope yours is too!

  8. oh yeah - perfect match! It looks like avocados :). Hope you & Stewey are keeping cool. It hasn't rained at my house in months.

  9. Love it -- can't wait to see it stitched. And thank that wonderful designer for me too!