Jul 7, 2010


Y'all are just too darn nice to the Spinster Stitcher! Thank you very kindly for the lovely comments regarding Stewey and the fee nee finish. Now, as to this whole puppy breath situation...may I just point out that my Stewey had the most wonderfully good puppy smell for about the whole first year of his life? They really should figure out a way to bottle that, don't you think?

Decisions, decisions today as I try to think about what to stitch next. I am still feeling the canvas, so methinks I might go in that direction, but will it be a painted canvas a' la Maggie, or will I pull another beloved Laura J. Perin? Maybe the brand spanky new Needle Delights Originals that came in the mail yesterday and made me weep with joy?

Stay tuned....only the shadow knows!


  1. I agree - start all three! You know we'll all be here to enable, errr.....enourage you!! One way or another, they're all bound to be finished one day or another. 'Course, you could always go buy something completely different too - we all just "love the stuffing out of you" no matter what you decide! :)Hugs to that sweet Stewey too!

  2. Personally, I just can't get enough of you and those LJP designs! The love you have for her designs shows in your finished products. But, I'm always up for whatever you decide! May the force be with you.