Jun 25, 2010


Ah, home sweet home. Aunt Chrissy and I have returned from Pennsylvania safe and sound and I am happy to report that all is well in the kingdom once again. Thank you all very much for your lovely notes and thoughts and prayers. We all appreciate them very much. I believe that someone asked me where we were in PA....we were in Butler, which is north of Pittsburgh. (My dad's family is in that area...Butler and New Kensington, to be exact.)

Anywhoose, I suppose that it's a good thing that we were so oblivious to all of the weather here in Hoosierville, since it looks like they had some very severe storms that came through and left messes all over the darn place. I was blissfully unaware, but when I read Nanny's report, she said that both Bosco and Stewey fared well during the crisis and are none the worse for wear.

So life goes back to as normal as it can be in a house with a crazy spinster and her little dog, and all we have to worry about now is what to have for dinner. (I'm leaning toward a grilled chicken salad, but we'll see how long that particular craving lasts. Lately, Aunt Chrissy and I have been wearing a path to the door of the local sushi joint, and I've managed to find everything on the menu that I can eat.) (The spinster doesn't do raw, don't you know.)

Stewey was thrilled to see his Mommie Dearest once again, and was very proud that he got a good report on his behavior and general demeanor during my absence. We did have some "tinkle" issues while I was gone, but thanks to a few well-placed puppy pads, nothing suffered any permanent damage. I have been instructed, though, to finally have THE TALK with the lovely Dr. Nieman about Stewey's propensity to mark everything within a six mile radius of where I'm standing, so we'll see how that goes. Aunt Chrissy was very gentle about it, I must say, but I got the message loud and clear....no more help washing baseboards and drapes. Time for me to re-establish myself as the alpha once and for all. (Hey, what the heck else were we going to talk about for twelve hours in a car together?)

Since I'm pretty sure that you didn't come here to hear me blather on about road trips and my incontinent dog, I'll share my happy happy joy joy over finishing Strawberry Shortcake:
Isn't is wonderful? Doesn't it make you want to run out and pick a big basket full of strawberries and then sit right down on the warm summer grass and eat every last once of them until your fingers get all stained and sticky? I cannot stop saying how much I loved stitching this....it was a wonderful piece from beginning to end and I really was sorry to see it end.

Speaking of....yes, I was glued to the TeeVee during the last and final and tragic conclusion of The Tudors. And yes, I had a headache from bawling my eyes out for about three days. Now I just need to wait for the whole thing to be released onto the disc thingies so that I can re-watch every single episode over and over and over again until some other show worms its way into my little brain and captures my obsessive compulsive need to do something until death.

I didn't do any stitching at all while away, but I am determined to plant myself in the Happy Chair for a few hours tonight. I am either going to start the Shepherd's Bush Come Tarry, or Laura J. Perin's Magnolia Collage, or this:Doesn't this make you want to throw your skirt up and shout "WOO HOO!"? This is a painted canvas by Melissa Shirley, with fibers, beads, and stitch guide selected by the very fabulous Ruth Schmuff of Beadecked and Bedazzled fame. I purchased it during a recent truck show at the shop, and am really looking forward to jumping right into this one.

The garden continues to thrive. I would show you the vegetables, but I think there was a bug out there earlier, so I decided not to tempt fate with the camera, and just shot a few pics of Stewey's daisy and the lettuces instead:

Thanks for stopping by today! Stewey sends his heartfelt love and affection to you all and promises to write very very soon. (At least as soon as the ennui of an early summer afternoon fades.)

Have a lovely weekend and do whatever it is that you most want to do!


  1. The Melissa Shirley project is great. I love the colors and Ruth has great stitch guides. Congratulations on finishing Strawberry Shortcake. It is very pretty. The gardens are doing well this year. Lots of rain and humidity makes everything so pretty. Have a great weekend and hugs to Stewey.

  2. So glad you and AC made it home in one piece.

    I really do have a strong craving for strawberries! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh be still my heart on your finish. Actually that makes me want to go out and buy the supplies for it (and I just may have to do that). I just love it. And love that other canvas too. Melissa Shirley has some of the best designs. I vote for that one!!! That's if I get a vote!

  4. Welcome back - you, Stewie, Chrissie & Bosco were missed; even from way over here.
    Strawberry Shortcake is delightful - I can tell that you enjoyed stitching it, it was Finished so quickly! Usually something else rear's its head before a project finishes - so congratulations at sticking to one project to finish it off so well. What are the plans for this piece? A purse, cushion, tote bag?
    Looking forward to watching your progress on your next project - it looks so summery!
    Hugs to all. - bronny

  5. Welcome home. You were very much missed. i have to say seeing that Melissa Shirley project makes me want to run out and buy it....but where?

    Your Strawberry Shortcake is so beautiful. Plus it's fat free!! LOL

    Maybe Stewey just needs some pants?


  6. Hope you can get Stewey to control his urges soon. It is hard to punish them when they are so cute most of the time isn't it? Wow that is a gorgeous needlepoint canvas and fibers you have kitted up - WOW! Congrats on your strawberry finish - love it!

  7. Well Spinster Stitcher sure had a great post upon her return. This epistle was much longer than previous ones, so I guess she is truly coming around the mountain. Whatever that means.
    The veggies are doing well, and I cannot think why I did not attempt some lettuce in pots, since I have 30-40 useless hostas in pots. Much better would have been edibles.

  8. Welcome back. VERY NICE strawberry shortcake and the Melissa Shirly canvas look cool too.

  9. As soon as I saw that canvas I threw my skirt up and shouted to the ceilings WHOO HOOO!! :)
    It is a beautiful canvas! And I love the strawberry canvas finish...that reminds me of strawberry cheesecake :)

    Ahhhh Master Stewy and the tinkle...I'm sure all can be made right...have you called Ceasar? Is that how you spell his name? Maybe Oprah can give you his number?

  10. Do enjoy your blog so much. You get alot more stitching done than I do. Makes me want to take out that Kaffe Fassett piece! Have a great weekend!

  11. Welcome home! Strawberry Shortcake is absoultey DE-vine! I love it and although I do mostly linen stitching, you have me considering adding this beauty to my stash...what's a girl to do? Who is it by - did you get it as a kit or pattern only? What are the bright orange flowers - lovely and so pretty they make me smile. Enjoy your weekend - I enjoy your blog lots!

  12. Happy happy joy joy, indeed! Strawberry Shortcake looks delicious!

    Love the colors for the Melissa Shirley canvas! Hoping to see more of it soon!

  13. I am Shouting Woo Hoo !!! I love that canvas. I am going to hunt her down on the web and have a look see at her designs. I love the finish!!! Glad Stewy was well behaved...

  14. Strawberry Shortcake looks great! Although I don't get the name. It's pink/red, yes, but what does that have to do with shortcake?
    Either way it looks amazing.
    That Melissa Shirley project is so sunny and cheerful!

  15. I vote for the painted canvas by Melissa Shirley, with fibers, beads, and stitch guide selected by the very fabulous Ruth Schmuff of Beadecked and Bedazzled fame.

  16. Welcome home. Glad you are excited about the Melissa Shirley canvas. It was lots of fun to write the guide for. Call or email if you have any questions.

    Hugs to you and Stewey.

  17. Welcome home. You're Strawberry Shortcake is wonderful as I expected it to be.

    That canvas looks amazing. But I'm at a loss to when it comes to recommending anything to anyone today.

    Stewey needs to give Mama lots of hugs and kisses.

  18. Gorgeous stitching yet again- such pretty colours in the Strawberry cake. Look forward to seeing your next adventure with the needle.

    Happy weekend days.

  19. Welcome Home!!
    Congrats on your finish. Strawbery Shortcake looks like a fun stitch. I love the Melissa Shirley project. What canvas is it? I think you should start that. Or maybe not then I will have to go buy it as well.

  20. Welcome back!

    Strawberry Shortcake looks fantastic! Great job! Looking at all your canvas stitches makes me want to try one. I've never done one before, but they look so wonderful I want to try it out. Hopefully I will get things pulled together enough that I can try a small one. :)

    Good luck figuring out how to stop Stewey from marking the house.

  21. Strawberry Shortcake looks great!

  22. Here in the UK, we'd call that flower a Gerbera. Your lettuce looks great, the slugs and snails keep attacking mine, even though I have sawdust all around (they're not supposed to like sawdust as it gets into their airways and can't get it off).

    Great stitching, as usual :)