May 5, 2010


Hi folks...just a quick second post for today.

I feel it only fair that I advise/warn you that if you have not seen The Tudors yet and you intend to do so based upon my recommendation, you should know the following:

While loosely based on history, this particular program does contain a whole lot of nudity and "adult situations". In other words, please prepare yourselves for some heavy boinking, as well as a fair share of boobies. Oh, and a few heineys of both the male and female varieties.

I'm having nightmares that y'all will gather your families around the TeeVee with the big bowl of popcorn and settle in for a night of viewing based upon the fact that "that crazyass spinster" suggested that this might be a really good show. Or that you'll take it to your fifth grader's history class and suggest that it might be a fun way for the kids to learn about Tudor England. (I can see it now...the Mayberry Post Intelligencer uncovers massive porn ring run by a portly spinster in the Midwestern United States. Film at eleven.)

This show is definitely NOT for those with delicate sensibilities. (Like Stewey....who covers his eyes with his paws when so much as a neckline is exposed.)

Thank you for your attention. We'll return now to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Your comments are too funny!! I agree The Tutors is not for the prudes or the children. Your project is turning out great. Remember, Margaritas and stitching only leads to frogging so get your stitching done early!

  2. How funny! Once I showed my class Freedom Writer's. I watched most of the show one Sunday, except for the part I slept through--I was totally shocked 1st hour when Hillary Swank dropped the f bomb at the end of the movie!

  3. LOL! Definitely not family viewing but lots of fun to watch :-). Love your La D Da finish too.

  4. Too bad about the disclaimer. I was really looking forward to shocking my sister in law, and then blaming it on you! (just kidding) The Tudors is a great show though. I'm a history major, and I'm not overly concerned with the accuracy of the show, more concerned with JRM. :)

  5. Thanks for the warning but I for one would not be offended by a glimpse of Jonathan what's-his-name's arse. I love your La D Da piece too, BTW.

  6. Happy Cinco de Mayo back at ya!

  7. I'm getting ready to watch season four! Can't wait!!! :)

    P.S. funny thing - my word verification for this comment is "kingt" :)

  8. So funny! I don't get Showtime, but I do get HBO, TrueBlood is more my taste! You'd like it! Well, maybe Stewey might not!
    DaisyGirl here, you just finished that La D Da pattern "Daisy", would you be interested in swapping with me? I do work at cross stitch shop(I do have alot of shop credit to spend) I want that pattern, but alas, it is no longer available. We can't even order anymore:(
    Email me if you're interested!

  9. Besides the nudity, does it have torture?? I have "delicate sensibilities" when it comes to that.

  10. Con: Have you considered any type of counseling? At times, I think you have really lost it. Do you think it is the water? I never go above the Mason-Dixon line without bottled water.

  11. Torture. Head lopping off. Knifings.
    And I'm still in season 1. Just trying to drag this out as long as I can.