May 6, 2010


Before we commence with today's festivities, I wanted to take a moment to answer a question from dear lovely reader, Casey. In the comments section of my post about the bare bottoms and boobies in The Tudors, Casey asked if there was any torture on the show. me, how do I answer this delicately....

Yes, dear. There is a bit of torture in the show, especially if you consider the lopping off of one's head for birthing a baby minus a peenie. Or the disemboweling of your boyfriend because he got caught in your "royal chambers". Or for committing treason. Or when you wake up and realize that marrying a seven-year old and expecting her to have half a brain was probably not your finest moment as the King of England, and you move on to wife number six while they're hauling wife number five's crap out the back door of the castle.

Now let me answer this withOUT my smartass hat perched on my head....

Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of violence on this show that makes you cringe at the ridiculous cruelty that people can inflict on one another. Realizing that most (if not all) of it is for ratings and shock value, I would say that if you don't feel a little queasy in some parts, you're much stronger than I am.

So, again, please watch at your own discretion.

Moving right along, I don't have one damn thing to show you on the stitchy front. Aunt Chrissy and I had a lovely dinner of grilled chicken, asparagus, and baked potatoes followed by my falling asleep in the Happy Chair at 8:45. I thought I would at least make it through an episode or two of (see above), but Stewey and I hit the hay before the sun was fully set. I don't think I've done that since the third grade.

So today I will fish through my Spinster Stitcher Basket of Springtide Fun to see what will be next in line. Methinks it will be Cirque de Fleur, since I am behind with my lessons (gasp, sigh, blushing furiously). If that doesn't quite blow my skirt up, I'm pretty sure that I should be able to find something suitable from the eighty-eight projects that are kitted up and/or started in there already.

Happy Wednesday!

Well, would you look at's Thursday!

Happy Thursday!


  1. kind of sad, or amazing how quickly the week goes, depending on what you're doing! TG tommorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

  2. Yes! Do take out Orna's class project and work a bit on it. I'd love to see how you are progressing on that front.

    Happy Thursday, right back at 'ch!

  3. Do not take your "smart ass " cap off,your posts are always hilarious when it's firmly adhered to your head.
    Cheers Karen in Australia.

  4. Thank you for this great review about "The Tudors". I just ordered the first 3 seasons on DVD from Amazon uk!!! I can't wait...

  5. Damn, Spinster, you're almost making me regret I chucked my TV out of the house. It may be just your writing skills, but that show sounds like an absolute must-see!

  6. I can't wait to see what you pull out of the Spinster Stitcher Basket of Springtide Fun! Happy Stitching!