Apr 20, 2010


My stupid mo-ther can't come to the blog right now. She's too busy limping around the house and whining about her "poor tired muscles" to be of any use to us today. She got the bright idea to clean the house yesterday, and instead of pacing herself and doing a little bit at a time (like I've been telling her to do forever), she had to go gangbusters and act like the proverbial bull in the proverbial china shoppe.

So I decided to grab that very same bull by the b***s (er, I meant to say...horns), and I trotted up to the studio to put together a few projects for our SpringTide stitching pleasure.

I do like what the old lady's been working on, and I fully intend to bogart it for my apartment as a festive little pillow, but methinks she needs to add a little cross stitch to the mix.

First up is a piece that I know a lot of you out there in Stitchy BlogVille are working on right now. I kitted this one up and diagrammed it for Mom to do on one big piece of linen:

Next is a chart that Mom's had in her stash forever, but she's never been able to find the right piece of linen for it. Finally! Success! She found a piece of 32ct. Edinburg linen in "Sapphire Sky" which I think will be very very pretty:

This one is a new design from Shakespeare's Peddler. I love the saying and will probably ask Mom to do this one first. (I am envisioning a lovely chintz pillow for this one when completed, and I will proudly display it in the middle of my night night bed if she ever gets it stitched):
How could I not love a chart titled "A Mind Independent and Free"? I don't expect that this will ever see the light of day, but a pup can dream:

And finally, we have a lovely little piece that she could knock out in a weekend if she just planted her heiney in the Happy Chair and got to it:

After the housecleaning festivities, Mom did manage to get a few more stitches into the Love canvas. I'm going to push her to get this one done asap:

Now before you feel too sorry for my stupid mo-ther, you should know that my Aunt Chrissy came to the rescue and did almost all of the cleaning without one single complaint. See how nicely she stacked all of my toys?
Well, that's it for today. Thank you for visiting with me, and please come again soon. Now if you'll excuse me....there's napping to be done and I need to get right to it.

With love from your pal,


  1. Cleaning, ugh! I vote for the Shepherd's Bush piece. I am stitching on Sail Away and just love it. Where oh where did you get that coffee mug that is white with just the word "coffee" on it? I must try to find one for myself. LOVE IT.

  2. Stewey: Your charting skills and penmenship are wonderful since you have no thumbs, how do you do it?

    All the stitching choices look great and the progress on "LOVE" is nice too.

    I am always amazed at the number of toys Stewey has and that is why I do not let Maddie read your blog, she may demand a larger stash of toys for herself.

  3. For such a small dog, you have such a large pile of toys!

    Your mo-ther has some beautiful projects to start. And I have to agree, you have such great charting skills!

  4. I'm with mo-ther Stewey! There's something about having a top to bottom clean house all at once! I love the projects that she has lined up. I also can't quite believe that huge stack of toys! Lucky dog.

  5. Well, at least you have a clean home now Stewey! No matter who actually did the work. You know, you could help out a little bit and put your toys away when you are done playing with them. hehehe ;D

    I say go with either the Drawn Thread piece or the Independent Mind piece.

    Love is looking great!!

  6. I think the Shakespear's Peddler chart might stitch up a tidge quicker than the Shepherd's Bush - but they are all so nice. What lovely floss you've chosen to use.
    I'm looking forward to seeing 'Love' finished and a good start made on at least ONE of these charts!!!
    Now that the toys are all in once place - there should be no excuse!! lol

  7. Stewey,

    After seeing your piles of toys, my babies Chewie, Ragamuffin, and Sadie wanted me to write and see if they could come visit for a spell?? They promise they won't make off with too many of your toys.

  8. Great new stash! I have to order AMI&F to add to my CHS stash collection!

  9. Stewey, you are a hoot ;-). Love all the stitching projects you picked out. Can't wait to see which one your mo-ther decides to work on first.

  10. Coni,

    You have a lot of stuff to work on!! How on earth do you get it all done??

    And where do you hang them all too? Are you getting to the point where it has to go on the ceiling?? :P

    Hugs to you and Stewey too!

  11. Stewey
    I am so glad I have learned to save this blog for the last one to read everyday...This blog is funnier than the comic strip in the paper...my eyes are blurry from crying and my sides hurt from laughing...
    But I do want to point out to you some things my mother used to say...When you call your mo-ther "old lady" and "stupid", it
    "Takes one to know one"...
    "Names bounce off her and stick to you."
    Okay off to accomplish something today ..