Apr 21, 2010


First, some housekeeping details. Stewey has asked me to tell you that from this moment forward he will be doing a "One For One" deal with his toys. For every new toy that comes into the house, one will have to go out. And! To make it all even better, Mommie Dearest here has decided that for every toy she puts into the PetSmart cart for Little Lord Fauntleroy...one will go in for a pet at the animal shelter. So there.

(We had no idea how completely obscene the toy basket was until we saw it in the light of day. Too. Much.)

"Why did I have to go and show off? Now I'm going to be toyless!"

So methinks it's time to go back to a little cross stitch now. I tried to get the darn "Love" letters stitched all night last night to no avail. I was getting all frustrated and red in the face when I decided to just put it down for a day or two to see if some kind of Divine Stitchy Inspiration will come to me as to how I should proceed. I do like the backgrounds, though, so I'm not too upset with the progress thus far: Another beautiful day here in Hoosierville. I'd love to take advantage of it by opening the doors and windows, but Stewey has learned a new trick of peeing through the screen at the squirrels on the back porch. Damn dog.

Happy Wednesday, kids! I hope you're doing whatever it is you want to do today!


  1. LAMO! Only Stewey could figure out how to do that! He is quite ingenious, isn't he??!!

    "Love" is beautiful...what a great job! And, I love the toy idea...a very generous act!


  2. Coni,

    The toy idea is a great idea! :) Poor Stewey, so many toys, not enough space or time to play with them all! LOL

    The stitching is beautiful too...

    Hugs and love,

  3. I just about fell off my chair laughing about Stewey's new trick!!

    Great stitching on "LOVE"

  4. I just learned the trick of spitting coffee out of my nose when you mentioned his new "trick". That would be amusing to watch..not so amusing to clean up though!

  5. Stewey's new trick is the hit of the post!! I bet if you made a video it would go viral!

    Your Love piece is beautiful!

    How thoughtful of you to get a toy for a shelter!

  6. OMG -- Stewey is a true Jack Russell Terrier, isn't he. I am still laughing.

  7. I swear your blog is my most favorite of all. I meant to comment yesterday that Stewey had quite the collection of toys. One for one is a good plan. I try to do that with clothes and anything else, as if you don't, your house can get overrun quite quickly. And I always donate at Petsmart for homeless pets. My heart definitely goes out to them. I like Stewey's comment "I will be toyless!" Your posts always make me laugh. And I ordered the "coffee" mug from Crate & Barrel today. Thanks for letting me know where you got them.

  8. Totally off topic of Stewey's toys. I decided since I found your blog a few weeks ago that maybe I should go back to your beginning and see what you have been up to.

    Well, I just finished 2008. I have to ask what happened to "THE PROJECT NEVER TO BE SPOKEN OF AGAIN", did your hair grow back after catching it on fire, and I'm sorry to hear about your parents - they loved you. You were blessed with them.

    Can't wait to read all about 2009!


  9. I'll hope for your sake that Stewey doesn't decide your basket of toys is too big! OMG. That could be bad, considering the new tricks he's been learning lately!

    I have no patience for background work so I'm really impressed with your work on LOVE. It's beautiful!

  10. love is lovely...
    steweys screening not so much.
    stewey - stewey - stewey

  11. hi Coni, please contact me, there are a few questions I want to ask you about some of your finished pieces. My email address is:
    thanks Nickie

  12. Dewey's markings are very striking! Visit my blog --giveaway today ONLY (Earth Day). Marie

  13. Have you thought Stewey that for every toy that goes out it should be quickly followed by one of your mo-ther's kits!!! That's DOG POWER!!!
    Cheers Karen in Australia.

  14. Coni--In regards to the letters on the "Love" project, why not leave them blank and make the piece all about the backgrounds? They look lovely! I think the canvas looks finished as it is now...

    Carol S.