Mar 11, 2010


Aunt Chrissy completely exonerated herself last night by showing up with:

*a package of freshly made CJ pub burgers ready for grilling
*TWO bags of kettle cooked potato chips (one of them salt and very favorite)
*a pound of potato salad (what can I say? I love potato salad)
*FOUR two-litre bottles of diet orange Crush

*my stinky little puppy nephew who promptly pooed in the back yard

Now before you lecture me on the ridiculous lack of nutritional value in that menu, may I just point out that the night before was a meal of grilled chicken, rice, and roasted vegetables? (Which really sucked and made the house smell like garlic, but I'm trying not to think about it.)

Truth is...I usually eat like an athlete in training, and despite my rotund-ity am quite happy with my ability to make good choices in the eating department.

But sometimes you just have to have a damn cheeseburger.

So all in all it was a wonderful evening. I got a cheeseburger and even managed to cook it to perfection by not fussing with it like I usually do. The chips remained un-opened, which means I can go head first into the bag today at lunchtime, and I think the orange pop will last at least until dinner time. (Yet another weird compulsion of orange pop).

No stitching has taken place at Chez Spinster for the last two days (gasp!), but I am determined to hit the Happy Chair later this afternoon to remedy that situation. In reviewing my little journal, I see that there have been very few days of no stitching in 2010, so I don't want to start any negative trends or anything.

Off to the bedroom to find Stewey. It seems that he went into his little fort yesterday afternoon and I haven't seen him since.

I wonder where I put my Kindle?


  1. Can Aunt Chrissy come to my house? I love a good cheeseburger!

  2. Don't worry Coni, he'll have to come out eventually to recharge the Kindle, right? I am glad you got your cheeseburger. Stitchy time will happen when it happens.

  3. There is definitely nothing better than a good hamburger. I like the healthy choices too, but you can't beat a hamburger with a stick. I go all out though - have to have bacon and blue cheese on it too. Artery clogging I know, but the healthy food will get rid of the bad stuff, don't you think? Hope that you spend a lot of time in the stitchy chair!

  4. I understand COMPLETELY about the cheeseburger thing!! My DH's doctor told him he needs to watch the fat and carbs more closely so I have been fixing nothing but healthy meals for a month or so but the other day we had errands to run and stopped at Burger King for lunch. Did we feel guilty...NO!! I've gone back to the healthy menus but that cheeseburger (and fries!) sure did taste good!!

  5. There's nothing like a good burger!
    chips, soda, and salad are welcome too. What no dessert?

    Happy Stitching!

    (Did you find Kindle?)